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Work Undertaken:

Design and build a new web site.


To provide a new web site as a source for users to search easily for properties in Florida for sale or rent.
Nethues Technologies’ client, Sarasotalisting, is a Real Estate company based in Sarasota, Florida, and helps potential purchasers/renters to locate properties in this highly sought after area of Florida. Sarasotalisting needed a web designer who could build a user friendly, impactful site which would not only attract visitors but make their search easy and effective.

The Challenges

  • Sarasotalisting had no previous experience of online business. They had a list of properties which they managed; unfortunately this frequently resulted in a delay in the time which a client would take to approach them, and also misunderstandings and bad communication between property owners and their tenants.
  • Nethues Technologies was tasked with providing a complete solution using its specialised research tools, and also had to acquire – rapidly – knowledge of the Florida Real Estate market. This knowledge had to include understanding Feeds, and having to work out interconnectivity between the Feeds Server and the web site so that visitors to and users of the site could always be assured of the most up to date and accurate data regarding currently available properties. In addition, the site also needed to provide a blog to back up the Jane Doe (Florida Real Estate Agent) section highlighting Featured and Newly Available properties. It was required that users should be able to distinguish easily between the various property listings.

The Solution

  • Nethues Technologies thoroughly researched the client and the client’s market, drafting an understanding of the client and its business model. Only when both sides were in agreement did the design commence.
  • Nethues Technologies’ solution was fourfold:

  • To design a customised theme as per the client’s own requirements. This theme was integrated into WordPress 3.4.1 which completes the client’s requirement not only for an elegant design but also a robust CMS.
  • To develop a script and a WordPress plugin which integrated the IDX feed for Florida into the web site and therefore would produce the property listings as required.
  • To integrate a blog into the web site so that the Web Site Administrator could easily post new and up to date information and news in order to attract and keep the attention of visitors.
  • To increase interactivity a login section was included in which visitors have to register themselves each time they search for properties. This enables the client to maintain up to date information regarding who is visiting the site and how often.
In addition to the above the site included SEO to ensure that it is always towards the top of Search Engine listings. The Meet Jane page is an unusual feature of web sites, as it not only personalises the site and makes it feel so friendly; but it also highlight some of the excellent features of the site design, thus becoming a good advertisement for Nethues Technologies.


In 4 months, Nethues Technologies provided the client with a vibrant, effective, easy to use web site with which the client was delighted.


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