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Work Undertaken:

Design and build a new web site.


To provide a new, dynamic web site giving a source from which users can book flights, hotels and holiday packages, as well as all aspects of travel management.

The Client

Freedom4Travel is a company based in India which provide all travel services to the private and business traveller, such as flight bookings, hotel reservations, holiday packages and many other travel related services.

The Challenges

  • Freedom4Travel provided Nethues Technologies with a list of XML feeds (Arzoo for flights and Desiya for hotel listings and inventory) from which a live schedule of flights and an inventory of hotels is harvested and kept up to date for the web site.
  • Freedom4Travel had no previous experience of doing business online, so t was important to discuss and agree every step of the proposed design and structure of the new web site.
  • Nethues Technologies therefore had to provide a complete solution utilising all of their research experience and tools in order to acquire knowledge and appreciation of the travel market. This included generating an understanding of the functionality of the feeds.
  • In addition, it was necessary to work out interconnectivity between the feeds server and Freedom4Travel so that users of the site are assured of getting live and up to date information regarding flights, hotel bookings and so on.
  • And apart from all that, the web site also needed to provide an easy to use car rental feature. These bookings were to be handled by the Site Administrator.

The Solution

    As always, Nethues Technologies’ team came up with the answers.
  • The team built and maintained an intelligent CMS capable of managing content and inventory for flights, hotels and the holiday packages.
  • Then built a third party connection (Arzoo and Desiya) in order to manage increases in inventory and reservations.
  • Finally, we developed modules such as Customer Discounts; a Guest Reviews Module; Gift Vouchers, Payment Gateway Integration, Invoicing, Agent Commissions, Car Rental Reservations, Order Management, a reporting system (Day Wise) Invoicing reports, Car Rental stats, Status Wise booking reports and more besides.


    Nethues Technologies designed and built a web site which is vibrant, user friendly and productive.


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