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Made Urban

Work Undertaken:

To fix the bugs in the existing website and to develop newer modules for the Company’s website.


To come up with greater number of new modules for the website and provide an e-commerce solution for the website users to help them complete their online purchase process more easily.

Time Scale:

7 to 8 months approximately.

The Client

Nethues Technologies’ Client, Made Urban, establishes an access to the various products displayed on the e-commerce portal of the Company’s website. The Made Urban Website displays products of various categories such as Art, Candles, floral, Home Decor, Photography, Wedding, Writing and many more.

The Challenges

    The major challenges faced by Made Urban are listed below:
  • The Made urban Company lacks the management skills to handle and manage the various products and categories on their website in an effective manner.
  • The Company also falls back in rendering the expected level of service through email notifications and many other e-commerce solutions for all the users who use the e-commerce portal on the website to buy the products on display.

Expectation from Nethues Technologies

The expectations from Nethues Technologies are as follows:
  • Nethues Technologies should put all its research tools to use to gain knowledge over the e-Commerce solutions and the functionalities of recurring payments and email notifications. Nethues Technologies should also work on fixing all the existing bugs and issues present on the Company’s website by obtaining a clear understanding of the cause and nature and providing an appropriate solution to the same.
  • In addition to the above, Nethues Technologies should also work on providing a user friendly solution to manage the Accounts, Orders and Payments of the Made Urban Company.

The Solution

    The team at Nethues Technologies has come up with the following set of solutions for the challenges faced by the Made Urban Company:
  • Provided a payment solution by integrating the Recurring Payment solution provided by PayPal.
  • Provided a solution for delivering the email notifications to the Made Urban users in a timely fashion with regards to the Orders and Payments made in the e-commerce portal by integrating the Company’s website with the Joomla modules and a separate development of script for the website.
  • Rendered a customized solution to the users of the website by integrating the registration and payment of subscriptions on the Company’s website in simple steps. The users can also upgrade their accounts from Buyer to Seller or Supplier of the products.
  • Rendered a customized solution to the Sellers of products displayed on the Company’s website by making changes to easily upload and manage multiple photos for each of their products in a user friendly manner.

The Conclusion

    Nethues Technologies has been successful in developing user friendly and interactive modules for the website. The website has answers for all the challenges faced by the client. The shopping Cart functionality is a great feature with the all the necessary checkpoints and latest products on display. The Made Urban Company could streamline all the email notifications and could also manage the various accounts, payments and orders successfully.


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