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Red Squirrel Brewery

Work Undertaken:

Designing and building a new e-commerce website for the Company.


To display all the available brewery products and to make them available for the users to purchase online.

The Client

    The Red Squirrel Brewery Company has commenced its brewing business back in the year 2004 and since then it has won numerous awards for producing the best quality products and excellence in service. The Company also provides a financial support to the Red Squirrel Survival Trust. In this way, the Red Squirrel Brewery Company plays an important role in protecting the population of Red Squirrels in United Kingdom. The Company produces a wide variety of brewery products that are seasonal. The Company gives an opportunity to its users to book their brewery tours also at their own convenience.

The Challenges

The major challenges faced by the Red Squirrel Brewery are listed below:
  • The Red Squirrel Brewery Company faced a great level of mismanagement in meeting the ends between the orders placed by the users and their records, as the entire list of products as well as users were managed manually by the company.
  • No prior experience with conducting online business was the main cause for this kind of mismanagement.

Expectation from Nethues Technologies

    The expectations from Nethues Technologies are as follows:
  • Provide a complete solution using their specialized research tools to gain knowledge over the e-commerce market and the functionalities involved in handling the shopping cart online.
  • Provide a new feature for the Events category and should start developing the same to provide the users with all the up-to-date information about the events on brewery.

The Solution

    As always, Nethues Technologies’ team came up with the solutions for the challenges faced by the Red Squirrel Brewery Company as follows:
  • Designed a custom WordPress Theme in accordance with the Client’s requirement for the website. Integrated the theme with WordPress 3.5.2, in order to fulfil the requirement of a robust CMS and an elegant design.
  • Integrated the website with a powerful WordPress E-Commerce functionality called WordPress E-Commerce plugin. By doing so the client can maintain an efficient shopping Cart functionality by providing a proper display of the brewery products and secure payment gateways for the online orders placed.
  • Integrated the website with a WordPress Events functionality as well to keep all the users updated about the upcoming brewery events. This would provide detailed information about the upcoming brewery events such as the date, location and cost of participation in the brewery events and many more.
  • The increase the interaction with users, a login or register process was built for the users to place orders or purchase the brewery products online.

The Conclusion

    Nethues Technologies has been successful in developing a vibrant, user friendly and an interactive website. The website has answers for all the challenges faced by the client. The shopping Cart functionality is a great feature with the all the necessary checkpoints and latest products on display.


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