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Work Undertaken:

To design and build a new website for the Company.


To provide a new website for the users to conveniently search for instructors, consultants, teachers and professionals in order to book lessons or sessions in a convenient time frame, from the schedule displayed on the specified instructor profile.

Time Scale:

A period of more than 6 months.

The Client

    Nethues Technologies’ client, Ubooxi, is an online tool to schedule lessons and sessions by searching for the available time slots of the professionals, instructors, teachers, and consultants who are available locally. All these service providers charge fees on a per hour basis of service rendered. Ubooxi has two different types of users called the User and the Instructor. The instructor can add the schedule to his/her respective timetable and the user can select a particular session.

The Challenges

The challenges faced by the Ubooxi Company are listed below:
  • The major challenge faced by the Ubooxi Company is the categorization and sub-categorization of the various organizations. The Company also needs to have separate web pages for both US and UK databases.
  • The search functionality is not adequate enough to enable a search to match the resources. The Ubooxi also has certain challenges in handling the payment gateways.
  • With the wide number of instructors and users it was difficult for the Ubooxi admin group to manage the resources effectively.

The Solution

The Nethues Technologies Team has come up with the following set of solutions for the various challenges faced by the Ubooxi Company:
  • The Nethues Technologies Team has designed a custom theme and developed a custom coding in order to meet all the requirements of the client. The custom theme has been integrated with the core PHP, along with all the customized features in the admin panel. With the help of custom coding, provisions were made for 3-step registration process and creation of timetable on the basis of input data provided by the user.
  • A separate functionality was added for the categorization of Organizations and their sub-categorization into clubs, schools and practices.
  • Incorporated search functionality in accordance with the Geo IP and other search criteria. The Geo IP search functionality is even integrated well with the home page of the website, in order to redirect the users for the respective search locations. For example, if the user is from US, the US site will be accessed; similarly if the user is from UK the site will be redirected to the UK site automatically.
  • Implemented all the necessary provisions for the instructors such as the Block out dates, the dates when the instructor need not give any lessons; a separate internal message system between instructors; scheduling lessons from other instructors and many more.
  • All the admin rights and duties provided by Nethues Technologies team include:
  • Managing Users, Organizations, and Instructors will be done by the admin.
  • The booking data and the feedback will be displayed in the admin section.
  • The admin can decide and manage aspects such as monthly subscription, commission and withdrawals from the respective sections.
  • The admin also decides the charges for a staff member in an organization.
  • Implemented separate functionalities for buying credits, subscription charges and to view withdrawal statement.
  • The Add/Edit functionality for Bank accounts and Credit Cards has been incorporated to simplify the payment process.
  • Implemented a functionality to remember the last searched data and also provided for options such as view feedback, view calendar, view bookings, lesson and rates, edit time table, venues and set messages.


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