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Significance and Need of Storytelling In Design

JAN. 17. 2016

When it comes to writing, ability to communicate effectively as well as clearly to customers is the thumb rule to achieve desirable success. At the same time, they should feel comfortable and find reading the piece interesting and engaging. No matter what your business is, if you are able to strike the right chord with your potential customers then success is all yours.

Storytelling in website Design – What is it?

If you are thinking that being a designer there arises no need for you to worry about the art of storytelling, then THINK AGAIN. Storytelling is much more than sitting down with pen and paper and writing a tale of wizards, romance and heroics. Storytelling is an omnipresent art which is experienced even in daily activities. When you watch a group of protesters marching by holding hand painted signs or when you see a man pulling a dog out of a busy intersection. All these convey a story – these are small moments which do affect the world around people. At the heart of it, are all stories.

Story, in brief, is nothing but a reaction to an action. The basics are known to everyone. The key to deliver best store is incorporating them in an effective way so that your potential clients and viewers can understand it.

storytelling in web design

Express the Clients Vision

You need to determine the crucial points which you are trying to convey to your potential and existing customers. When you meet a client, what do you want them to take away after meeting? Remember, you are selling them nothing on a branding campaign or a website. You are selling to them an idea, a story or a dream.

There is very possibility that your client might be looking for something far bigger and better than a mere “brand” or “website design”. They might dream of bringing change in the world around them or want their customers to have good things about their services and products. Being a designer, it is your responsibility to reveal the story in a best way possible.

Images or Words?

Visuals play a vital role in the work of designers. Pictures are used for telling stories. Image should be chosen with great care so that customers can get the right message through visual images. If you think that writing is the job writer then it’s high time to wake up.

As a designer, it is you who has to arrange words on the website in a way that they grab the attention of the reader almost immediately. Placement of words conveys a story. Importance of storytelling in designing cannot be either ignored or avoided. As a creative professional, you have the skills to capture the attention of customers spread across different sections. Just remember the bottom line – no one buys your skills – it is a vision, dream or idea which they look for.

So, if you are looking for something extra which can help you spread the word about your business among customers in an effective way then simply get in touch with our expert team as we make sure that clients get what they are looking for.

Davin Russell is a marketing professional working with Nethues Technologies, a web design and development company offering outsourcing solutions to its clients in UK and USA. He has the leading spirit; he burgeons on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach. He loves to read and write about latest web design trends and web technologies. Contributing on blogs aids him spreading the words online with a new set of readers.

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