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What’s New in e-commerce platforms in 2016?

JAN. 12. 2016

In an online business region, open source e-Commerce platform is mushrooming at an accelerated speed. These open source e-Commerce platforms have overture full enterprise solutions in the form of scalability and customizability and community support.
As we know this utilizing an open source e-Commerce platform to administer your business is very easy. But choosing the best option is more difficult. As this platform faced some growth and decline in their utilization. So here in this blog, we will discuss the New trends in open source e-commerce platform in 2016.

It is an open-source platform that is written in PHP. This platform is affluent in its functionality. It is adjustable over designing and layout. And even in 2016, this platform is at the top most position. Magento is renowned as the leading solution provider of the e-Commerce stores.

Pros of Magento
  • It allows you to customize the code and add features easily.
  • It enables you to favorably adapt with the features. As it is SEO-friendly and does not require any technical backing.
  • The cost-effective extension lending a helping hand to Magento store in attracting the customers. These extensions provide many deals and offer to expose the store.

Cons of Magento

  • It has only one disadvantage that it can only be used for the e-Commerce website.

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2.Open Cart-
The another great option for developing e-commerce website is Open Cart. This open source e-Commerce platform is the best combination of flaccidity and clarity that provide the high-end solution. It has more than 20 payment gateways that provide the good shopping experience to the users.

Pros of Open Cart
  • Open Cart backing multi-store functionality, this allows the retailer to administrate different store through the single admin panel.
  • The setup of Open Cart is convenient and does not require in-depth technical knowledge.
  • The great speed of the site is the central benefit of the open cart, this encourages the shopping experience of the clients.

Cons of Open Cart
  • The major drawback of Open Cart is that it is the less used platform than others, so its documentation is hard.

PrestaShop is profoundly personalized open source platform in 2016. This swiftly viable platform is renowned for its innovative interface. The plugins provided by PrestaShop offers smoothness in the functionality of the store. These countless features of PrestaShop hike your conversion rate.

Pros of PrestaShop
  • PrestaShop equips elasticity to the admin panel. Moreover, this platform is feasible in over 41 translations.
  • Through this platform store owners can carry out their customers and orders, catalogues.
  • The countless themes help the owner to enhance the function of the store.

Cons of PrestaShop
  • The major fault of this e-Commerce platform is that it’s set up is the complex process and require a lot of time.

4.Woo Commerce-
Woo Commerce is an open source platform that curve your WordPress site into an online store. This highly excellent open source platform endeavor users with a pervasive variety of features and functionality. The huge varieties of themes and plugins help in heightening the ranking of the store.

Pros of Woo Commerce
  • It is the best option for startups, as it offers user-friendly experience and uncountable features.
  • It is the pool of various themes and plugins like WooThemes, ThemeForest etc.

Cons of Woo Commerce
  • The numbers of themes of Woo Commerce platform make sales a secondary task.

So these are the new trends of open source e-Commerce platform of 2016. With this, we have compiled the associated pros and cons of these platforms. This will help you in the selection process. For More Contact US

Davin Russell is a marketing professional working with Nethues Technologies, a web design and development company offering outsourcing solutions to its clients in UK and USA. He has the leading spirit; he burgeons on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach. He loves to read and write about latest web design trends and web technologies. Contributing on blogs aids him spreading the words online with a new set of readers.

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