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Woocommerce or Magento

JAN. 28. 2016

Ecommerce industry has been gaining popularity at an unprecedented pace. All the business units irrespective of the nature of their business are trying to cash on the benefits that ecommece industry offers. However, determining the most suited platform that binds perfectly with your business and fits your list of requirements is a daunting task that can make many sweat.
In this post today we’ll talk about Woocommerce and Magento, that have been favorite and most preferred platforms for ecommerce websites. There are many parameters that play a crucial role in choosing best platform. While many opt for the cost effectiveness and ease of usage there are many who would prefer functionality and the authority to modify as per the needs. So without further ado, let’s proceed with the analysis.

. Launched in 2011, Woocommerce is an open source wordpress plugin. WordPress websites have considered this as an essential partner to run on. However, it also offer following features:
  • Ease of set-up and hosting is one the most dominant feature of woocommerce platform that has made it stand out and as a favorite platform among others
  • It can be run on a very basic sharing and has the same hosting requirement as that of wordpress, that means no need to modify to meet the hosting requirements
  • Adding widgets is like a child’s play. No complex functions no hardships.
  • Adaptable themes. Although, woocommerce do offer some standard themes, but it can easily be adapted according to your chosen wordpress theme, to look and feel the same.
  • Cost effective- Development and maintenance cost is really low, making it not only economical but also extremely easy to customize.
  • Social Media- it offers very cool and easy social media integration tools
  • Mobile apps- Woocommerce also offer ready-made mobile apps to track your sales
  • Limited documentation, that means a developer has to rely on peer support and networking groups
  • Although there are a number of basic features such as shopping cart and marketing tools but it offers limited advanced integration capabilities and API
  • It offers a limited independence in sending out customized emails or invoice to the customers
  • By default it offers only PayPal and offline payment. For more payment options, gateways have to be purchased at an additional cost
Considerations the functions and limitations, woocommerce is ideal for :
  • Small to medium business units that want to start quickly with minimum cost
  • Businesses are familiar with wordpress CMS
  • Websites with lesser number of products

Like wocommerce, Magento tool is an open source platform. It is however an e-commerce management system built by Varien and acquired by ebay in 2011.

  • Designed to cater specifically to the needs of the e-commerce and offers a wide array of options
  • Offer 3 types of store: Small, medium and large
  • Highly innovative and modifiable
  • It comprises advanced marketing and promotion tools such as Google optimizer and Google analytic
  • It offers a wide array of payment gateways to choose from along with a much easier assimilation with third party services and a better inventory management APIs than woocommerce
  • It allows setting up of multiple online stores on single platform

  • With so many options and wider functionality, a magento developer is needed for its implementation
  • Demands a good server and hosting environment as it alleviate with the increase in the number of the users
  • Offers limited freedom to the designers

Basis the above benefits and limitation Magento is ideal for:
  • E-commerce systems with more products that require higher security
  • Websites that demands SEO integration as its highest priority as magento offers complete dominance over SEO settings.

Both platforms come with their own set of features and limitations. Although, we have provided en extensive analysis, the final decision is to be made by you. So, choose diligently and execute efficiently.

Mike Pendino (Web Developer at Nethues Technologies) – I love touching new heights in respect of web development, by delivering unique and efficient solutions every time. By writing these blogs, I want the readers to be aware about our work and be in touch with the latest news in the web development industry.

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