Nethues Hosting Magento 2 Development Essentials Training

Magento 2 Development Essentials Training
Published by - Neha Sharma | 11th Mar 2019

Nethues, a leading eCommerce solution provider, has always been looking and seeking for opportunities to grow, learn and expand. Luckily, we took a step forward to do exactly the same.

We are hosting a 5 day Magento 2 Development Essential Training Program for all the developers who want to build skills in working with the architecture, terminology, and core development-related functionality of Magento, along with best practices for extending the platform.

Designed to help new Magento developers in learning simple Magento customizations, the course will demonstrate the key concepts of Magento customization techniques including:

  • Familiarity with key Magento concepts
  • Ability to understand Magento codebase
  • Create new pages in Magento, and understand how existing pages work and can be customized
  • Make simple UI modifications, design changes, customization of existing pages
  • Learn and be able to apply Magento customization techniques
  • Learn how to use Magento WebAPI
  • Create/modify the database schema
  • Customize the Admin UI
  • Prepare for the Magento 2 Certified Associate Developer exam

Basics of Magento Architecture & Customization Techniques

  • Magento module-based architecture
  • Magento directory structure
  • Configuration XML & Variables scope
  • Dependency injection
  • Event observer
  • CLI

Request Flow Procedures

  • Magento modes
  • Frontend Controller
  • URL Rewrites

Customizing Magento UI

  • Magento Themes UI
  • Magento UI Customizations of blocks and templates
  • Block types
  • Magento Layout XML

Working with Database in Magento

  • Basic concepts of models, resource models, collections
  • Load and save an entity from a database
  • Magento sort, filters and specify the selected values for collections and repositories
  • Install/Upgrade scripts in Magento
  • DDL class in setup scripts

 Developing with adminhtml

  • Controller for admin router
  • Magento cache
  • Magento configurations XML, scopes
  • Magento ACL
  • Set up a menu item
  • Magento permissions
  • Magento extensions, the different types of extension available (Community, Core, Commercial)
  • Installation and configuration process in Magento

Customizing Magento Business logic

  • Product Types in Magento (simple, configurable, bundled, etc.)
  • Category properties in Magento
  • Category relations in Magento
  • Product types behavior in shopping cart
  • Shipment functionality in Magento
  • My account section
  • Customize my account section
  • Customer’s attributes
  • Customer address

Furthermore, the course will serve the participants with a free Magento 2 Associate Exam voucher.

The training will be given by Magento Masters: Vijay Golani and Sanjay Patel. Both of them are Magento Certified and Developer Plus, Magento Authorized Instructors.

April 17 – 21, 2019

9 AM to 6 PM IST

Nethues Technologies (P) Ltd.
110, Block-A, The I-thum, Plot No -40, Sector-62,
Noida, UP – 201309

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