Nethues Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Proud to be on Clutch’s Top Indian E-Commerce Developers List for 2021

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Published by - Neha Sharma | 25th Mar 2021

If you’re looking for a tech solution provider that you could trust, Nethues Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is here. We offer one of the best mobile and web solutions since 2001. Our company has been in the industry for two decades. We guarantee that the quality of our solutions is splendid. 

With our powerful domain and technical expertise, we could provide result-oriented web and mobile solutions in diverse industries. Moreover, we can be your partner in developing the products that cater to your needs. Choose us to be part of your team and guarantee a successful business project!

We’re proud to announce we’ve earned a spot on Clutch’s list of top eCommerce developers. Clutch is a B2B platform that helps firms globally connect with the solution providers. We are delighted that Clutch sees our efforts and recognized our hard work.

Above all, this award would not be possible without our clients. They shared their experience with us, and now the industry is seeing how we tailor our services to our clients’ needs.

“The optimization and rating of our client site improved by 20% and they gave us some insights as to how to improve that rating.” – E-Commerce Director, Marketing & IT Company

“We are growing in orders and turnover every month since then and we expect a lot more from the current Magento 2 website.” – Michel Lammers, Owner,

We have more things to offer! You can check out more about us and see more reasons why you have to choose Nethues. We’ll look forward to working with you!

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