Shopping Cart Built With CakePHP: Yet Another Great Work By Our Developers

Published by - Neha Sharma | 16th May 2019

The aim of the project was to develop a CakePHP shopping cart where visitors could browse through various products and order them with personalizing options.

Our CakePHP developer explained that the functionality of the project was developed using approved mock-up designs and specifications. Built with CakePHP, the website included certain static pages like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions which were made to be controlled via CMS from the admin section. He further explained the overview of the project as “ the website is creative, talented businesses designing and making everything from gorgeous home wares to stylish jewellery to a broad range of food and drinks and affordable gifts for everyone. ”

The website allows users as sellers to upload their products from their account, whereas other users as buyers can search and browse these products in order to buy them. We created the front-end using JavaScript libraries like AJAX, jQuery for a user-friendly interface. By using the best technologies available and the latest software, we made our clients’ websites efficient in handling all kinds of demands.

Technology Configuration

  • Framework – CakePHP
  • Language – PHP5, AJAX, Jquery, Java scripts,
  • Database – MySQL
  • Server – Apache

The project was divided into three sections: 

Admin Section

  • Owners can manage admin to view/add/edit/delete store owners.
  • Categories in which store owner can view/add/edit/delete categories like clothing, flowers & plants, food & drink, gift ideas, sports and subcategories.
  • Admin can send the payouts to the store owner. The payout will be sent offline, but admin will enter the details for the record.

Store Owner Section

  • Store Owners can suggest categories to the administrator.
  • For each category can provide the following details – Category Name, Category Description, Category Image. An email will be sent to admin once a category is added, if admin approves the category then it will be available to store owners to add product and also in user section to browse the products under that category.
  • Store owners can add/edit/delete attributes, products and relate products with attributes. By default, the product will be inactive and an email will be sent to the admin to activate the product. Store owners can also view the payouts made by the admin and edit the password and log out the store owner section using this feature.

User Section 

  • Visitors can register on the site and registered users can access the following member functions: Login, View Orders, Edit Information, Change Password, Forgot Password, Shopping Cart- only active products will be displayed.
  • Users can select the attribute for the products if available, purchase the product, view the cart. On the cart page, the user can remove items and update the quantity. Moreover, users also have the option to select the same billing address after adding a shipping address.
  • On completing the billing and shipping details, the shipping charges will be calculated using UPS, the user will be redirected to shopping cart to make the payment via Online Payment Gateway. Once payment is successful, the user will be redirected to site and an email will be sent to admin and user regarding the purchase.

After summarizing the whole working project, our CakePHP developer explained that separate billing and shipping details were also provided. Users can log in anytime later to view their past invoices or to track their orders. The shopping cart contents can also be saved (if they are logged in at the time of adding products to their cart) to be paid for at a later time.

We work in different time zones and are accustomed to working with different cultures, too. Our dedicated CakePHP hiring resource model will give you experience. For more details contact our developers.

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