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Laravel, a name in the web and app development sphere, never fails to impress its users. With regular updates and add-ons, the community constantly works on improving user experience. With user-friendly coding standards and syntax, this laravel web application framework makes authentication, routing, sessions and caching a cakewalk – in comparison to other frameworks.

Well, without leaving its trend behind, Laravel has brought a lot this year and will continue to do so in the near future. Let’s have a look at the

Key Updations in Laravel

Laravel 5.8
Released in 2019, Laravel 5.8 is one of the considerable updations in Laravel. Laravel 5.8 continues the improvements made in Laravel 5.7 by introducing has-one-through eloquent relationships, improved email validation, convention-based automatic registration of authorization policies, DynamoDB cache and session drivers, improved scheduler timezone configuration, support for assigning multiple authentication guards to broadcast channels, PSR-16 cache driver compliance, improvements to the artisan serve command and a variety of other bug fixes and usability improvements.

TTL Changes
The next major impact is bound to fall on TTL changes. The time to live features which were available in minutes will now be reduced to seconds. The cache duration is made short-lived and the storage operators will consider the integer values passed as seconds. Further, if the user still needs cache storage in minutes, he is entitled to use the same with the help of proper syntax.

Automatic Policy Resolution
Policies and models available in conventional locations need not be registered in this new release. The policies can be looked up using the ‘GATE’ function and can be manually added by the users.

Blade Template File Path
Combined blade templates will now include blade template path. This, in turn, will help in Blade debugging in PHP (if mapped to the blade templates.)

Laravel Money
A composer package for formatting money in Laravel objects, Laravel Money includes functions like comparisons, aggregations, formatting and parsing.

Laravel 5.8.12
The 400th version of Laravel, Laravel 5.8.12 came later this year. With a new duplicates() collection method, several other features, fixes, and changes to the framework, L 5.8.12 changed the game. Know more about the technicalities here.

Laravel 5.8.13
That wasn’t all. Laravel 5.8.13 was waiting next. It involves a new @error Blade directive and a revert of the “in” and “not in” query builder feature added in Laravel 5.8.12.

Enough of updates. Let’s move to the

Major Laravel Events That Happened This Year

Laracon EU 2019 Madrid
Laracon is the official event of Laravel. Held in Madrid on May 23, Laracon involved a Laravel’s brightest minds as speakers. The event was all about getting started with event sourcing in Laravel, realtime applications, writing less complex, more readable code and Laravel 5.8 .

Laravel Live UK
The official Laravel PHP conference for the UK was held on 10 – 11 June 2019. The talks were specifically focused on Laravel Ecosystem and related technologies.

This was all about what has been done. It’s time to know

The Next Big Laravel Events

Laracon US
Laracon US will be held at The PlayStation Theater in Times Square NY on July 24, 25 of 2019. The event will host adept Laravel speakers focusing on immediately actionable content.

Laracon EU 2019
Europe’s leading Laravel conference is scheduled to be held at Amsterdam on 28th-30th of August. Experience diverse business opportunities with expert speakers.

The Future of Laravel

With continuous enhancements and additions, the Laravel framework is on a rise. Developers, all across the world, are choosing Laravel development and reaping great results. Further, Laravel 5.19 is in pipeline to strike back with greater business advantages and opportunities.

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