Our Flexible Support Packages

Nethues offers support packages and website maintenance services that keep your business running well and up to date. Subscribing to one of our packages means you don't have to worry about fixing or improving your website. You can focus on what you do best: growing your business. Our team offers a more proactive, consultative approach to supporting your website so you can be sure it is always running well.
  • What's Included?

  • Development site setup We will create a copy of your live website on our staging server. We will do all of the work on this server to check it for quality and make sure you are happy with the changes before we put them live.
  • Account Manager Your Account Manager is responsible for making sure work gets done on time. They will be contactable by phone, email, Basecamp and Skype. They will also keep in touch with you to get your feedback and suggestions about your website.
  • Platform version updates If your site is built on an Open Source platform such as Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, or WordPress, then you need to keep the platform up to date with the latest patches. This ensures that your site is running smoothly and that it is secure. Security patches are updated to fix known bugs and optimize the system. The website will be updated to the latest platform version within one month of each release.
  • Module version updates Your site is likely using a variety of third-party modules (plugins or extensions) to perform various functions. These modules must be updated in line with your platform version to maintain security and avoid conflicts with other modules. Sometimes we need to talk to the people who coded the module to get help, or we might suggest you use a different module with better support.
  • Bug fixing and changes request You will have a set number of hours each month to use for development. This can be used for design tweaks, module installations, and bug fixes. Your account manager may also suggest improvements based on recommendations from our team.
  • Critical request response time Sometimes you might have an emergency with your website. This could be something like a payment gateway or essential module not working, the site going down, or signs of a hacker attack. If this happens, we will respond quickly to start fixing the problem.
  • Security scanning We have partnered with a leading cybersecurity agency to regularly scan your site for vulnerabilities and protect it from malicious attempts. You'll also receive reports of each scan in your monthly statement.
  • Monthly speed optimization Your website's performance might slow down over time. It can harm your user experience, conversion rate, and organic search rankings. We will use third-party tools to check your website's performance every month and make changes to keep it performing well on mobile and desktop.
  • Monthly SEO health check Our SEO Manager uses exclusive third-party tools to audit your website's SEO performance. You'll receive a monthly report with a breakdown of recommendations to ensure potential customers are finding your site.
  • Monthly payment gateway checks We will test your site's payment gateway by making payments through it. We will make sure that it is working correctly.
  • Monthly core flow & process checks We will check other essential functions on your websites, such as login, registration, order confirmation emails, cron jobs, ERP, and stock feed.
  • Documentation of customization When we inherit a site that has been built by or worked on by another developer, we often find that it has been customized with custom code without any accompanying documentation. In these cases, we take the time to study the code and write our documentation. This way, we can understand its exact functions and how it interacts with the rest of the site. If we create any custom code as part of your gold package, we'll write documentation to accompany it.
  • Monthly competitor analysis Your Account Manager will evaluate the websites of your three suggested competitors during the first month. This includes reports on the sites' design and function, product line focus, sales and discounts, omnichannel sales, and other marketing activities. Every month, they will look at the competition and see if there are any changes. They will then make recommendations to keep your business ahead of the competition.
  • Monthly report Every month you will receive a report that tells you what work has been done on your website and what recommendations our team has. This report will be signed by your Developer, Development Team Lead, and Account Manager.
  • Monthly subscription cost**
*subject to working hours Monday-Friday, and National/Bank Holidays. Please refer to Terms & Conditions.*

Frequently asked questions about our website support services

  • Website support and maintenance means checking, monitoring, and repairing a website to run smoothly for users. A specialist is assigned to keep the website updated and working well. This includes ensuring that the visuals, performance, security, and data are all taken care of. The specialist also needs to communicate from time to time with users if there are any problems.
  • Yes, you can. But we must tell you that Nethues prioritizes clients with website and app support package subscriptions over those who haven't subscribed. If you are not on a subscription, any support or maintenance work will be charged at a standard rate of 20 USD per hour.
  • You can upgrade your subscription with a month's notice.
  • Yes, you may cancel or downgrade your subscription with one month's notice after at least a 12-month contract term.
  • If you have more than one store, you will only need one support package. However, if each store is a separate website, you will need a different support package. Our team can customize the best value package for your business. Please connect with our consultant to find out more.
  • Nethues follows a transparent workflow approach. We will set up professional project management tools such as Teamwork, Basecamp, Trello, or Skype. These tools will help you communicate with the expert working on your website to understand the issue and the process they follow to resolve it.
  • You will have the same control over your site's Admin section as you do now. You will be able to update site content. We strongly recommend that you not make changes to the site yourself. We will handle all changes on our development environment which you can check before we deploy it.