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Running an eCommerce today isn't all about good products & customer service. It's trust! That pumps the traffic on your site, customers in your list, and greens in your bank. Jeopardizing the data you've collected from your customers won't just hit you with bank-breaking penalties, but it will flush down all your blood & sweat combined reputation. This means staying updated with the latest Magento security patches is a must in 2022. Since we are a Magento solutions company having officially certified developers on board, we help SMEs & businesses of all sizes level up their guard through our Magento security services.

Reasons why Adobe Recommends Professional Help for Security Patch Installation & Updates

You have an eCommerce business to run. Why not focus on it. Yet, if you enjoy complex coding, playing with critical data, and other hard-nut technicalities, we have no problem telling you to try it on by yourself. Otherwise, below are the reasons you should always hire an expert Magento agency for security patch updates & installations:-

3 Factors That Separate us From Other Magento Security Partner Agencies

We don't prefer bragging about our certified developers, premium resources, and shiny image in the Magento development & security servicing sector. Instead, we focus on how effortless we can make our partnered clients' experience.
Complete Knowledge Transfer
  • Security Spatch Installation
    We don't wait for you to alarm us with a wake-up call. Our team is self-sufficient. They inform you as soon as the new security patches hit the market, so you can give us the green signal to proceed. 
  • Security Releases And Update
    Unlike novice freelance developers, we neither risk our reputation nor your business's health. Our developers follow nuke-grade protection modules to prevent your data leakage or corruption during the maintenance process.
  • Security Updates Quickly
    Companies entitle us as a 'Reliable Partner' for a reason. Perhaps because we don't charge for quick-professional advising or friendly business suggestions to boost your growth.

Take your Magento Security to its Best Level.

Our Magento Security & Patching Process

Step by step, we make your eCommerce safer from hacklers

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Answering Top Queries Regarding Magento Security Services

  • You may use this 👉 free online tool to check what security patches & updates your Magento website is missing.
  • A security patch is a piece of software code that fixes any security or functional issues in your existing software or application. Adobe releases the latest security patches to ensure your Magento store keeps running without technical & cyber matters.
  • As their name denotes, security patches are for security level enhancement. Companies usually release them when they find any chance of risk for your software or application, which they know they can mitigate or end through their security patch code. That's why you need to apply the latest security patches to keep your eCommerce protected from external threats.
  • Magento security patch installation is an intricate process. You should not try it on your own until you are a certified Magento developer. However, you may connect with a Magento solution partner to get your store patched with the latest security files.
  • Downtime is hard to calculate. It totally depends on the process. Though, it generally takes 3-4 hours to complete the patching. But, we would advise you to select a particular time frame for this process, like when your store is less busy.
  • It's very unlikely to happen. Each developer in our team is officially Magento 2 certified. They have received proper training to perform seamless operations with negligible risk involved.
  • Our team follows Adobe's officially recommended process to avoid unnecessary hassle. Yet, if any unexpected situation occurs, we fix the issue within the least possible time.
  • It does happen in some rare cases. But, our team knows how to deal with that. So, it's not a matter of worry.
  • We advise installing patches on a staging environment if you have this setup. If you face any confusion doing this, our developer will guide you through a remote tutorial.
  • Not at all. Our Magento consultation expert will share the complete quotation with you to see what services you will receive from starting to the end.

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