Lokesh Gupta Co-founder and CEO

Lokesh Gupta is an accomplished co-founder and director of Nethues Technologies and has been the driving force behind the company.

He has worked with various departments, including IT production, finance, sales, marketing, and human resource development, propelling overall business growth. Having been in management for over 20 years, Lokesh has a proven track record of driving revenue, sales and growth across diverse segments.

As part of his entire career path, he has actively participated in strategic alliances and business development segments across Europe, the UK, and the United States.

Yet, what keeps him behind the wheel?

The success of the team is what drives him most. He believes that the success of Nethues comes from his team’s collaborative efforts, along with his ability to inspire and guide them on transformational journeys.

Lokesh has always ensured that Nethues keeps its commitments to all stakeholders, including partners, clients, and employees. Although you may believe that perfection is unattainable, he believes that we must make every effort to achieve it.

Lokesh’s passion for technology has helped Nethues become a trusted and well-known name in the world of web and app development.

He is pretty disciplined with his schedule. When he’s not at work, you’ll find him reading books or spending time with his family. Despite his hectic schedule, he places a high value on his roles as a husband and father, and he makes every effort to make time for them.

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