Custom Fedex Shipping Module – Magnificent Work By Our PrestaShop Team

Custom Fedex Shipping Module
Published by - Neha Sharma | 06th May 2019

Objective: To create a custom Fedex shipping PrestaShop module for shipping calculation using fedex API. This is done to minimize the shipping cost for heavy products like chairs, tables and so on. In order to ship them, shop admin can add the number of boxes and their dimensions (length, width, height , weight) with different quantity corresponding to each product. The module then calculates the minimum shipping cost for each order.

  • Language : PHP
  • eCommerce Platform : PrestaShop
  • Shipping API : Fedex

For a project to be successful, you need a clear communication between the client and the web development team. The scope and objective of the project should be pre-defined to both the client and developers. Fellow PrestaShop Developer “Saurabh Gupta” shared his experience on Custom Fedex Shipping Module project. He explained “client requirement is to calculate the shipping cost of items based on number of boxes used to wrap the items using Fedex.” He also added that the “Team used CMS PrestaShop Module and Fedex API.

According to client requirement, the Module should be able to configure customers’ shipping calculations by price ranges, weight ranges, length ranges, height ranges, width ranges and per product quantity.

To make the requirement clear, our senior developer added “PrestaShop modules give online merchants the ability to customize all feature and elements of online business. From Front Office design to Back Office activities, everything you need to help your business build strong is available under one’s nose.”

Saurabh (Developer) also explained that Single Box – Assign one box size which will be used for all products, Multiple Boxes (Fixed size) – Define how many products can fit in a box (number), or calculate only by weight and Multiple Boxes (Product dimensions) – Define all the box sizes you use for shipping, assign dimensions to your products, and the module will automatically calculate (using an algorithm our programmers developed) how many boxes are needed to fit all the products (always trying to use the smallest/lowest number of packages).

Using FedEx Tracking, both merchant and customer can follow a package from the shipping dock all the way to the recipient’s doorstep. Tracking is simple and as quick as clicking a button. On the other hand, with FedEx Rates, online shoppers can see rates and service information from FedEx in their onscreen shopping cart. Merchants have the option of quoting standard rates or negotiated rates. Shoppers can compare prices and see expected delivery dates so that they can select the shipping service that best fits their need and budget. This, in turn, increases customers’ satisfaction and encourages repeat customer business.

Client feedback regarding Shipping PrestaShop Module:
“Nethues Technologies understands our demands and requirements and accordingly will built these features into the website.”

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