Every other day we come across some or the other missing people report or an accident or injuries during dangerous events. In order to minimize and eliminate such mishaps, there are innumerable rescue teams and operations around the world. They not only rescue people involved in any kind of accidents or incidents but give them the best treatment and help them recover. Therefore, to make their business even more customer-centric, implementation of accurate tools that enhance business performance and visibility is much required.

Learn how we helped one of UK’s leading rescue association in managing their 36 teams and implemented Bouncer ( a Laravel package) to help them serve people all across the UK on authority/role basis.


Our customer was struggling with database management which, in turn, was making it difficult to allot roles and responsibilities to respective teams. They wanted a right-fit business solution like Laravel 5.8 to meet the growing need for rescue operations. This was to be done keeping in mind the required visibility, engagement, mobile responsiveness and user-friendliness.

  • Transparency of Data
  • Security
  • Improvement in Efficiency

Taking the clients’ needs and demands into consideration, our developers primarily used Laravel 5.8 for the effective backend management. In order to maintain the desired look and feel of the app as well as the website, we implemented Jquery with bootstrap. To further enhance the app/website, Laravel DataTables was integrated for functionalities like search, sort, pagination on a table, export in csv, excel, pdf, print.

Last but not the least, for a proper role and authority authorization, our team incorporated a Laravel Package named bouncer which not only allotted a team of people to do a particular job but made management a cakewalk.


The client experienced ease in management, which, in turn, enhanced site performance and capability. Moreover, the ability to assign roles to particular teams was much quicker and easier. Collectively everything helped them fasten their rescue operations and widen their reach.

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Priya Singh - Laravel Developer

With hands-on some of the most challenging technologies including Laravel, VueJS, OpenCart and Core PHP, Priya has proven herself as the ultimate software expert.

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