Digitization is in the air!

In such a rush hour, running an e-commerce platform can certainly prove to be a back-breaking and an arduous task. In order to outrank your competitors and be a champ in your niche, it is mandatory to manage the flow of traffic to your store.

More traffic certainly means more sales; but does your store welcome all kinds of traffic?

Yes, then you need to start filtering your traffic. Everyone who visits your store doesn’t turn into a buyer; so you need to target a specific group of audience to your e-commerce store. But how to achieve this? How to get the right audience?

Let’s help you with this eCommerce game.

Know The Preferences Of Your Target Audience
Undoubtedly, trends vary from region to region and gender to gender. So, if you are targeting a particular group of people or a particular region, know its latest trends and the preferred choice. This will help in determining the products which should be enlisted first in order to attract the particular clientele. This, in turn, will aim at touching the right audience along with intensified sales.

Search Engine Optimisation
Whether it’s a personal blog or an e-commerce website, you need the search engines to run after your content. You need SEO to allow the traffic to your blog by appearing in the search engine results page.

“I normally tell people when I speak, regardless of whether you want a personal brand or not, you have one. What I mean by this is when I search up your name, I’ll get something. It could be a LinkedIn profile or a personal website but I’ll find something. Most people when they see a brand or a person, they google them. It’s important that your business or personal brand is refined so that people who want to learn more about it can have an immediate outlet to do so. That’s where search engine optimization comes into play and it’s important for not only attracting organic traffic but funnelling that traffic properly,” says Manu Goswami, CEO and Founder of a reputed brand.

Influencer Marketing
One of the worthiest ways of attracting the specific type of audience to your e-commerce website, influencer marketing has become the primary marketing strategy for innumerable brands. With an impressive scope for conversions, it helps in showcasing your products to new audiences; while looking out for loyal customers and increased sales.

Apart from these major tactics, social media, customer care service, discounts/promos and email-marketing can also do wonders for your eCommerce store.

Opt the best, get the best and make the best!

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Neha Sharma - Digital Marketing

With almost 5 years of experience with SEO, SMO and digital strategies, she sets her mind on creative mode to get things straight.

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