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With every business stepping up to the ecommerce pedestal, an enriching user experience is the key to drive your conversions and sales. To create a fully functional and responsive eCommerce store, Magento remains the most popular platform for most developers. More than 250,000 merchants over the globe are using Magento as their eCommerce platform. Let us delve into the excellent features of Magento and know how it can enhance your overall e-commerce business.

Reasons to Choose Magento for Your E-commerce Store

Magento is an open source platform fully loaded with responsive designs, templates, and easily customizable themes.
Let’s get started with various reasons to choose Magento to develop your e-commerce platform.

High Security
Security is an utmost priority of every e-commerce business that creates and binds the customer’s trust. Thus, Magento offers two-factor authentication and Google ReCaptcha that eliminates the risk of security attacks and prevents password hacking. Moreover, it contains various built-in features to avoid the risk of installing additional extensions. Magento is an exclusive platform that fulfils all your business requirements and also protects websites from spam attacks, hacking, etc.

If you want to develop an e-commerce store using Magento, it is highly recommended to consult a Magento Development Company who have experienced professionals to get your work done right.

One of the most significant advantages of Magento is that it offers various options to design, customize, and optimize your eCommerce stores to drive conversion. It comes with several free and paid SEO extensions that help in enhancing optimization, ensuring a higher rank for your eCommerce store in search results.

Apart from making your pages search engine friendly, the extensions can also help you optimize header and page titles for increased visibility. You can use an SEO extension for improved URLs and meta descriptions, HTML header, Google Sitemap optimization and much more.

Multiple Payment Options
Payment is the biggest concern for eCommerce platforms. Luckily, Magento eCommerce offers a plethora of payment alternatives for your customers ’convenience. It provides both immediate PayPal, credit card, COD and more payment options. Other alternative payment options include one-page checkout, integration with authroized.Net and PayPal, additional payment add-ons, etc.

GEO and Behavioral Targeting
Consumers demand personalized experience and Magento makes it possible for you. It generates more leads by offering advanced features such as geo-targeting and behavioral targeting to help you reach out to your customers in a particular geographical location in the language they prefer.

Another feather is the behavioral targeting feature that can help businesses generate more leads and conversions. Magento helps you to deliver a highly customized experience based on customers’ location, website activity, shopping history and other interests.

Customer Follow Up Extension
Magento offers numerous extensions and customer follow up extension is one of them. It detects cart abandonments on your ecommerce store and automatically sends follow-up emails to customers to gain better customer insights. The extension also tracks and sends follow-up emails to customers related to wishlist and cart products. It also generates auto-response emails that allow customers to restore their shopping carts.

Easy Third Party Integration
Magento comes up with the best system to easily integrate so many third-parties to the website, especially tools such as built-in Google tools (Google Analytics or Google Checkout), payment methods (Paypal, Braintree), the database application, shipping tracking and many more.

Analytics & Reporting
Time and burn rates are important factors for any successful e-commerce business. It is very crucial to track your marketing activities and monitor reports of online sales. Magento comes with an inbuilt analytics and reporting suite that keeps you updated about the performance of your online store. It can track consumer trends and also empowers you to define suitable strategies. Further, Magento dashboard provides an overview of the site and customer behaviour. The report generally focuses on tax, sales, total sales refund, most purchased products, low stock, and total sales invoiced.

Summing Up
We hope that the reasons mentioned above might help you understand the contribution of Magento in driving e-commerce sales. If you want to develop an eCommerce store on Magento platform, look nowhere but Nethues Technologies. We are an experienced Magento Development Company, helping brands to build an exceptional e-commerce store. Our Certified Magento Developers create feature-rich and mobile friendly stores.

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