How Will Magento 2.4 Benefit Merchants, Partners and Customers?

Magento 2.4
Published by - Sunil Verma | 27th Aug 2020

COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the pace of digital adoption. In the past few months, there has been a rapid growth in online business and in order to deliver exceptional customer experience, Adobe released its latest Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source 2.4 version on July 28 2020. It will help merchants to accelerate their ecommerce business and capture new opportunities in the current evolving commerce landscape. So without further ado, let’s take a look at what Magento 2.4 has got under its hood.


  • Enhanced 2FA Security
  • PHP 7.4 & MySQL 8.0 platform support
  • Efficient Purchase Approval Workflows
  • Seller-Assisted Shopping to enhance Customer-Centric Service
  • In-Store Pickup to provide shoppers with new fulfillment options
  • Improved Platform Security, Quality & Performance
  • New Media Gallery Redesign
  • Faster and easier PWA Development
  • Improved Headless Commerce
  • Streamlined Asset Management

Asset Management in New Media Gallery
With every other business going online, you need to stand out of the crowd which is only possible by creating a content-driven experience that will engage visitors. Therefore, Magento 2.4 helps to streamline your creative workflow with a completely rebuilt Media Gallery that performs up to 30 times faster by integrating with Adobe Stock.

This completely rebuilt media gallery reinvents asset management, saves time and resources for creative stakeholders.

  • Easily manage images used throughout your site with new image details.
  • Search and filter images fastly with new image attributes like tags and licensing status.

Adobe Stock integration moves the image licensing and management workflow into the Media Gallery.

In-Store Pickup
Since March, Adobe DEI has recorded a constant growth in buy online, pick-up (BOPIS) orders. With less restrictions on local businesses, implementing BOPIS can encourage shoppers to visit your store and will also increase average order values. As per Business Insider, 85% of shoppers say they’ve made an additional in-store purchase while picking up an online order.

Efficient B2B Enhancements with Order Approval Workflows
New purchase approval workflow functionality in Magento 2.4 enables Purchase Managers in B2B organizations to configure approval rules for buyers based on order value, number of SKUs, shipping costs, etc. B2B buying companies can customize the approval process by using a simple form. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Create Unique approval conditions (per company account).
  • Set rules based on order value, number of items, shipment costs.
  • Access permissions in order approval workflow are configurable.
  • Email notifications to notify concerned officials at various stages of the approval process.
  • Purchase orders now have a complete log of actions performed.
  • Quick view of Purchase Orders.

Seller-Assisted Shopping to Deliver Customer-Centric Service
Taking digital commerce experience to the next level, the new Seller Assisted Shopping feature enables Magento merchants to enhance user engagement and deliver exceptional customer service by allowing store administrators to login as a customer from Magento Admin. It helps customer service representatives to improve buyer’s experience in several ways:

  • Helping troubleshoot and resolve any part of the buying process like assisting in finding a product, set up wishlist, etc.
  • Giving consumers an experience of custom functionalities.
  • Save time by creating orders and quotes on customer’s behalf.
  • Handling administrative tasks, such as adding buyers and approval rules set up.

Headless Commerce and PWA Development Made Easier
With Magento 2.4.0 release, Adobe has also released the latest version of PWA Studio for Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source, which introduces new Venia storefront experiences, built using Page Builder (now supports PHP 7.4) to accelerate checkout workflow and improve customer experiences . Adobe also introduced an extensibility framework to easily customize and extend the capabilities of PWA Studio, both for custom Magento development and Marketplace apps.

  • Allows launching of PWA storefronts faster, easier and in a cost-effective way to accelerate the adoption of PWA Studio.
  • Expand support for headless commerce.

Platform Upgrades, Security Enhancements, Performance and Infrastructure

  • 2FA (Two-factor authentication) for the Magento admin panel that supports authenticators like Google Authenticator, Duo, Authy, and U2F keys.
  • The core Braintree integration has been migrated to a Vendor Bundled Extension, allowing the delivery of more frequent updates and enabling new capabilities, including support for Venmo, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.
  • Scalability improvements include Redis optimizations that allow merchants to serve a higher amount of traffic without performance degradation and pages that load up to 43% faster at high traffic volumes.
  • Faster cart and checkout performance, such as 50% faster reordering and 30% faster add-to-cart performance during quick ordering.
  • The new Composer Update Plugin that automates several previously manual upgrade steps, making the process easier and safer.
  • Updated tech stack components ensure long-term compliance and security while unlocking additional performance improvements.


  • Improved Inventory Management with In-Store pickup and upgraded Product Bundling feature.
  • Adobe Stock integration enabling searching and filtering photos in Adobe Stock gallery 30X faster.
  • PWA Studio 6.0.0 and 6.0.1 support.
  • In-Store Pickup supported in Pickup Locations query.
  • Users now have the ability to add all the items to a new cart from a previous cart.
  • Improved Web Payments as users can pay faster using existing data stored in the browser.
  • Improved Magento GraphQL APIs empowers merchants to build custom experiences for all digital touchpoints.
  • Create personalized customer journeys by using Venia UI components Adobe Experience Manager-powered storefronts.

Should You Opt Magento 2.4?
The answer is yes, Magento 2.4 transforms your business platform technically and delivers great customer experience. Best way to know about switching to Magento 2.4 is consulting with experts. At Nethues Technologies, we have highly experienced Magento professionals who can assist you with developing online stores using Magento.

Feel free to contact us, our customer support executives will respond back in very less time.

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