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Published by - Sanjeev Kumar | 14th May 2019

We’re happy to introduce our newly developed Contact Us Form that brings along protection against any kind of spams.

Developed by our senior Laravel certified developer Sanjeev Kumar, the form is specifically made to ease down the process of interaction with your customers and eliminate any chances of spam. Further, he understands the need for a safe user experience and thus has integrated features like Honeypot and Google reCaptcha V2 to double check for spams. As soon as the user fills in the form, both the user as well as the owner receive an email regarding the same.

Let’s see how it works and how it can be configured or customised according to your requirements.

Configuration Changes
  • In config/contact.php replace SITE_KEY with your site key of Google reCaptcha. And replace SECRET_KEY with your secret key of Google reCaptcha. If you don’t have site and secret keys, you can get from here.
  • In config/contact.php replace ‘Owner’ with your desired name.
  • In config/contact.php replace ‘[email protected]‘ with your email address where you want to receive emails.
View Changes
  • To change the layout design or to add more fields, make changes in resources/views/contact/contact.blade.php and/or resources/views/contact/layout.blade.php files.
Email Changes
  • To change in the email designs or to add more fields, make changes in resources/views/emails/contact/contact.blade.php
    resources/views/emails/contact/contact-confirm.blade.php files.

By following these easy steps, you can simply get a contact form that specifically suits your Laravel app and keeps away spams.

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Sanjeev Kumar – Laravel Certified Developer

Sanjeev, our senior Laravel Certified Developer, has been working with Laravel for more than five years. Handling a team of adept developers, he has immensely supported the organization with some incredible solutions and services.

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Sanjeev Kumar - Software Team Lead

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