Is Laravel Suitable for Building “Enterprise-Grade” Applications?

Is Laravel Suitable for Building “Enterprise-Grade” Applications_ (1)
Published by - Priya Singh | 16th Aug 2019

A prevalent and general question that developers often come across is, whether the renowned PHP framework Laravel is suitable enough for large-scale web app development?

The solution to this question is rather simple and crisp, yet a detailed one. But before we get into it, it is important to know how someone defines an enterprise-grade app? Is it based on the number of lines of code? Is it based on dependencies? Or security? Or traffic?

Well, the range goes broader than these traits. However, the mentioned ones define the scope to a certain extent.

Coming back to the discussion, it’s time to know

What makes Laravel the right fit for enterprise-level app development?

Irrespective of the industry type, Laravel has emerged as one of the most popular PHP frameworks.

When it comes to enterprise-level web apps, the reasons that contribute to the popularity of the Laravel frameworkfor these apps aren’t numbered. Obviously, scalability is one of the major positive factors; it is also a framework that builds complex and multi-layered apps with optimum ease.

In fact, when compared to other PHP frameworks, Laravel development services are excellent and particularly qualifies for large-scale development. Let’s take a look at some of the features:

Service Container Laravel as a tool powerfully manages class dependencies and executes dependency injection.

Queues Laravel queues offer a centralised API over several queue backends and a relational database.

Events With Laravel events, one can simply implement an observer that helps in knowing and subscribing to any event occurring in your application.

Besides these, Laravel boasts

MVC Architecture Support
One of the phenomenal attributes of the Laravel framework is its Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. This makes it easy to maintain optimum transparency between the app logic and presentation. Further, app performance is boosted to a great extent while providing better and detailed documentation. Most important of all, MVC architecture helps in dealing with complexities which are extremely common in most enterprise apps.

Built-in Authentication
Authentication and Authorization are some of the most critical aspects of any website or web app. The sole reason being security. Now, when you’re developing an enterprise app, you need to ensure a strong access control for that or your app will face major issues.

That’s where the role of Laravel comes into play, as provides you with simple authentication technique, where everything is almost configured. So, ensuring strong control access for your application is quite simple and developers get considerable help.

Restful Routing
Enterprise apps always get loads of requests at a given time. To address such requests with quicker responses, Laravel offers a very comprehensive and simple closure. This brings more adaptability to the routing and makes it simple enough to develop more interactive and responsive web apps.

Eloquent ORM
Laravel comes with its own Eloquent ORM i.e. Object Relational Mapping which is not only easy to use but well-equipped to manage and organise database apps. Further, it works amazingly well with a gamut of database languages like MySQL, SQLite, Postgres and SQL Server.

Most importantly, this feature is really useful in enterprise app development, where the developers have to deal with a vast amount of data.

Database Migration Systems
Database migration is one of the most typical tasks. Even the most experienced developers scratch their head when they’re given the task of database migration. Now, as a developer, when you’re dealing with Enterprise Application, there is every chance that you’ve to migrate the database. That’s where you can utilize the Laravel framework, as it allows you to expand the database structure without re-creating it. So, the risk of losing any important data becomes minimal.

Wrapping It Up
Enterprise business applications are currently ruling the roost in the IT market. This is the reason why a large number of brands are focusing on this area. Well, this kind of scenario calls for a good framework and hence Laravel Development comes into the picture.

Its remarkable features and functionalities make web app development a cakewalk and give enterprises a reason to succeed.

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