Magento 2.3: New Tools to Fuel Your Growth in 2019

Growth-Driven Tools With Magento
Published by - Sunil Verma | 07th Jan 2019

Magento 2.3 has been one of the key highlights of the year for the Magento community. With this launch, Magento has introduced some new tools that are sure to help merchants in growing their business, and empower developers in fulfilling client expectations with more concrete results. With a high level of services to their customers, stores can also experience an increase in revenues and the number of returning customers.

Having told the benefits, the latest version 2.3 comes with several functional fixes, security updates, performance enhancements and some other amazing features. If you were to describe this release in three words, it would be security, scalability and performance.

Time to explore more.

What’s New In Security?
Security has always remained the first and foremost concern of the Magento community. With the 2.3 release, it is easy to see the emphasis the Magento development team has placed on security.

Two-Factor Authentication
To protect against malicious users who might have gained access to store accounts’ password, Magento 2.3 has implemented two-factor authentication. It acts as an additional layer of security to hack-proof your store by asking the users to prove their identity through a security code that’s sent to their registered phone number.

Google reCAPTCHA
With a built-in mechanism for detecting hoax and SPAM-related activity,  this tool used an advanced risk analysis engine. It presents a human verification challenge to ensure only human traffic get through your store.

Cache Management ACL
With an improvement in advanced caching feature, the version offers more options to tweak and manage the store cache. With advanced cache permission and access controls, it allows you to easily define roles for users as who can view and delete Magento cache and what level of Cache Management a particular user can perform.

What Has Improved in Performance?

With every new release, the community expects visible improvements in Magento. This time also, the dev team hasn’t disappointed the users.

PHP 7.2 Support
Magento upgraded the base version from PHP 7.0 to 7.1.3. Now since PHP 7.2 is the latest version, with this change, Magento 2.3 is highly benefited from all the features that PHP 7.2 supports including improved security, better performance, and access to the latest PHP features for developers.

Since PHP 7.2 has dropped support for mCrypt (PHP’s go-to encryption module), Magento 2.3 offers support for Libsodium module, which offers enhanced encryption for PHP 7.2.

No, that’s not all!

It has a whole lot of features left including:

  • Progressive Web App (PWA) Studio
  • GraphQL Support
  • Declarative DB Schema
  • Asynchronous and Bulk Web API
  • Multi-Source Inventory (MSI)
  • WYSIWYG Upgrade
  • Page Builder

While each one sounds unique, they also make development whole lot easier and productive.

Stay tuned for a detailed explanation!

Until next time!

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