Magento 2.4 Update

Magento, which was released on the Zend Framework in 2008 by Varien, is renowned on shelf eCommerce software in the world of eCommerce. Magento grabbed the attention soon after its launch because of various useful features offered by it, and today, thousands of e-commerce stores are built using this platform, even the big names like Nike and Samsung like it.  It will not be exaggerating to say that Magento made everyone’s life easy in the eCommerce industry. It has multiple benefits for both store owners and buyers.

Magento updates its software from time to time to provide users with improved services. Recently it has launched Magento 2.4.2. In this update, the platform has improved its performance and security. Security improvement has expanded the reach of software; it will now support the SameSite attribute for all cookies.

Security Enhancements

  • It has more than 35 fixes with security improvements.
  • All cookies support the SameSite attribute in this version.
  • Violations in CSP (core content security policy) have been fixed.
  • With this version, Magento will now display the message for malicious content in a product.

Infrastructure Improvements

  • The version has improved core quality, enhancing the quality of framework and functions of the customer account, cart, checkout, OMS, CMS, Targeting and Promotions, Import/Export, and catalogue.
  • This version supports Elasticsearch 7.9.x, Varnish 6.x, Redis 6.x, Composer 2.x.
  • In the new update, users will no longer be able to use a split database.

Performance Improvement

  • The new update enhances the code, which will boost API performance. With the boost in admin response time, there will be an improvement in installing the large catalogues.
  • It can support 20x bigger and complex catalogues than previous releases.


  • Users will be now able to add, remove and delete comparison lists. New customers can also make a comparison list as guests, without logging in. They will still have the list when they decide to log in later.
  • The new version has also brought localization changes; it will change language, cart, and will change currencies according to the customer.


  • In previous versions at the checkout, when the internet network was interrupted site showed an error which will not happen in the new version. Instead, it will show other methods of shipment available at that time.
  • Magento will not remove simple products from the cart while removing other products from the cart.

Sales Rule

  • 4.2 fixed the bug of coupon codes. The site will no longer allow customers to use the same coupon code more than one time.
  • The coupon code will be removed whenever customers change their shipping address.


  • Magento will not place new orders when a customer cookie has expired. It will now show the log-in option and then place the order.
  • The customer cart will not be shown any longer when the session has been expired.

Media Gallery

  • Users can now edit multiple images in the gallery.
  • A 404 error is shown when a user tries to open the media gallery while the enhanced media gallery is disabled.
  • Administrators can upload, edit, and delete the assets. They can also manage the structure of the folder.


  • Product images can be hidden on the storefront during import.
  • There will be no duplicate product images saved when CSV data is imported more than once.

The new version Magento 2.4.2 has brought various improvements for both administrator’s and customer’s enhanced experience. These are only the highlights of the new version. There are more changes available like faster checkout and removal of third party payment methods. Upgrade to Magento 2.4.2 and get the most benefit of the Magento platform.

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