Magento Imagine 2019: In and Out

magento-imagine 2019
Published by - Neha Sharma | 30th May 2019

When we talk about eCommerce events and meet-ups, the most popular event the community awaits is Magento Imagine. Afterall, it is the perfect platform to get acquainted with everything Magento. From the latest product updates to the latest developments in eCommerce to expert opinions, the event is a host to some of the most iconic stuff.

Well, Imagine 2019 was no less. Infact, it was the ideal example of what we call “ a grand event”. It bought together 3500+ attendees from 60+ countries including merchants, agencies, innovators, developers, leaders and retailers.

With each passing year, the event is becoming bigger, better and offers more value to the attendees (and the community in general). The event was held at Wynn, Las Vegas on May 13 – 15 and revolved around five major objectives with the fundamental “Together, we inspire, advance, educate, collaborate, and enjoy a unique Magento experience.”

Inspire: A discussion regarding the challenges and opportunities in eCommerce was held between the attendees and the leading eCommerce speakers, visionaries and inspiring personalities. Gary Vaynerchuk (best-selling author, and the CEO of VaynerMedia and Chairman of VaynerX) was the motivational speaker present to awe and inspire the attendees.

Advance: The Magento executives shared the company’s strategies and announcements for the current year. The idea was to induce the users to migrate to a better Magento platform and enhance user trust.

Educate: eCommerce is a rapidly evolving industry and Magento has to keep pace with the latest developments to retain its market edge. For this, the event provided three days with keynote speakers, breakout and special sessions, and networking events, all designed to educate the attendees.

Collaborate: Magento is all about collaboration. This involved sharing ideas, opinions, technologies and strategies from the industry experts and professionals.

Enjoy: All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy. Magento knows this well. Thus, several opportunities in the form of parties that bring community members close with special emphasis on fun networking were arranged and planned.

Yes, the objectives speak a lot. They not only depict Magento’s huge community but the urge to grow and expand in an earnest way. The entire event was no less than a dream come true. Don’t agree? Have a look yourself:

Imagine 2019 | Magento Global eCommerce Conference | Imagine

Well, the star of the event as none other than Philip Jackson, one of the first Magento Masters Qualified Alumni, who  started with the impressing everyone through a general session about the opportunity that lay at the fingertips.

And guys, Gillian Campbell was no less. She enchanted the crowd with her discussion about how HP is embracing digital disruption! Have a glimpse:

No, no that’s not all. Imagine 2019 brought some exciting and amazing announcements.

  • Page Builder launched for the merchants to create best-in-class shopping experience without the dependence of developer support or creative limitation.
  • Live PWA Studio! Accelerate and enhance the future of M-commerce.

Isn’t all this just fantastic and enough to prep us with the Magento zeal and enthusiasm? Well, it has certainly made our Magento Development team and developers curious to explore and learn more of Magento.

So, a huge shout out to the organizers of the event and community! These guys have done a great job!

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