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Mean Stack Development
Published by - Himanshu Rehani | 08th Nov 2018

In recent times, various development platforms and technologies have come into the view to offer their part in digital transformation across the globe. Several technologies promise the transition from cutting-edge curiosity to practical workhorse, but only a few manage to drive the challenge successfully.

Listed as one of the best development technologies, MEAN stack is one such platform that seems to beat all. A free and open-source JavaScript software, MEAN Stack is best suited for building dynamic websites and web applications.

Before we move any further, let’s understand what MEAN stands for:

MEAN Stack

The combination of all these technologies proves to be a blessing for the web developers as they can easily cater even the most complex projects. Now, having known how and why is it named MEAN, it’s relevant to discuss some of the most important benefits of MEAN development. This will not only help in know the reason behind its growing popularity but also how it can be utilized for your app or website.

An Entire JavaScript
Javascript is one of the most popular languages across the world with numerous benefits. MEAN stack is a full JavaScript framework and thus proves beneficial for both the client and the server side.

You need not have expertise over other different languages like PHP, or a frontend and backend specialist; one JavaScript specialist can successfully handle the entire project using MEAN stack formula.

Furthermore, both Node.js and Angular.js provide a better scope to make scalable and dynamic web applications. Therefore, the chance of an increase in traffic becomes more likely.

JSON Everywhere
As far as MEAN stack developers are concerned, having JSON on board proves to be one of the greatest assets. Used in both Node.js and AngularJS, it helps in a seamless distribution of the data between the layers. Moreover, MongoDB is also a component-based relational database that allows users to save documents in JSON format. Thus MEAN uses a common JSON format for data everywhere. Hence, the data flows precisely among the layers and doesn’t require any kind of reformatting or rewriting. Additionally, JSON also makes working with the APIs extremely easy and convenient.

High Speed and Reusability
Because of its non-blocking architecture, Node.js is speedy and ascendable. Additionally, Angular JS is an open source JavaScript framework that offers maintenance, testability, and reusability. All these combined powerful directives progress into great testability and domain-specific language, which in turn, makes the job a lot more easier and faster.

Isomorphic Coding
Transferring a code, written in one particular framework, to another framework is made easier with the help of MEAN stack. Not only does it makes code transfer an easy job but enhances the work flow without hampering the functionality. This is where MEAN stack development walks ahead of the rest of the pack.

Wrapping Up
There remains no doubt that MEAN stack provides advanced features which make application development a lot simpler and less tedious for the developers. It proves to be an ideal choice for developing dynamic and highly visited web applications. Indeed, Node.js has already got some of the giant players on the platform that include Netflix, PayPal, LinkedIn, and Uber etc.

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