Himanshu Rehani Sr. Software Developer

Calling him an all-rounder won’t be wrong! Why?

Well, he is a master of CorePHP, CakePHP, PrestaShop, Node.js and AngularJS.

Holding the position of a software developer, Himanshu started off his career with Nethues five years back. Since then, he has put in every effort to learn and grow into a full-fledged developer. With hands on some of the most favoured technologies, he builds and codes in a way that not only makes the customers happy but urges them to return everytime. On being asked the part about his job, he says: “ frequent opportunities to learn and work on new technologies – the sole reason behind mastering so many languages today.”

Besides work, he is often seen taking random online tests for self-assessment, as it’s part of his hobby, and biking around the town- majorly on the weekends.

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