In the world of mobile app development, choosing the correct libraries, frameworks, and SDKs can help you create phenomenal applications hassle-free. Startups and SMEs often choose to build an MVP to test ideas on a cost-effective budget. 

However, choosing the proper SDK to lead the project is essential. Selecting Flutter for MVP development can help you fast-track the process and create functional apps quickly. 

This blog helps you understand the benefits of building a Flutter MVP for launching your ideas. Before we divulge the details, let’s start with the basics.

What is MVP?

MVP stands for minimum viable product. As the name suggests, the term means building a software product with the bare minimum of features to entice users and check the market viability of the idea. 

The MVP app helps to gain user feedback and determines the viable features for the subsequent iterations of the software. As per Statista, 42% of startups fail because they build a product with zero market need. The infographic below provides insights:

Building a Flutter MVP can help you escape the possibility of building a full-fledged product with zero market requirements. There are various benefits of MVP development like:

  • Lets you focus on the core functionalities
  • Win stakeholders and secure funding
  • Validates your ideas
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Cost-effective option to reach users

What is Flutter

Flutter is a completely free-to-use UI development kit. The technology tool is a Google product that helps build cross-platform Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows apps. This allows startups to reach a larger portion of the target audience and test their ideas seamlessly.

Choosing to hire flutter developers in India further lets you access desired expertise at an affordable budget. Flutter offers various out-of-the-box features for building MVPs. Some of the key features of the Flutter SDK that facilitates cross platform app development are:

  • Hot Reload

Any changes made by Flutter developers are instantly visible in the emulator. This helps to check whether the code is correct and facilitates quick modifications from the UI/UX perspective.

  • Single Code Base for Multiple Platforms

With Flutter app development, programmers do not have to code separately for iOS and Android platforms. The same codebase can help you launch the app over multiple platforms. Consequently, this allows companies to reach a large user base seamlessly.

  • Ready-Made Widgets

The SDK lets you customise widgets for Android and iOS. This helps you deploy native-like app appearances on these platforms. 

  • Up-to-Date Technology

When building apps, you need to choose technology tools relevant to the latest industry requirements. The Flutter 3.19 update explores new features with several platforms and UI/UX enhancements. The new version offers several enhancements to the previous basic version of the flexible and scalable framework.

Here are 7 Reasons to Choose Flutter MVP Development

  • Cost-Effective Development Option

Proper budget allocation plays a vital role in a startup’s development project success. Choosing Flutter MVP allows companies to save costs in multiple ways. For example, companies do not have to build apps separately for different mobile operating platforms. 

Imagine hiring two teams to launch apps on the leading iOS and Android app platforms. Not only would this require paying two different teams, but it would also require you to manage two teams separately. So, native mobile app development can lead to confusion and more hard work for the organization. 

Additionally, choosing to hire Flutter developer in India lets companies reduce the overall development costs significantly

  • Good Documentation

Proper documentation helps developers use the development technology to its maximum potential. Lack of documentation can lead to several challenges for the developer’s team. Flutter comes with good documentation and has proper use cases available with explanations. This helps to onboard developers into the team with ease.

  • Launch Native Performance

Nowadays, apps’ target audience prefers native performance, and any glitches lead them to uninstall apps. For any organization, launching native apps means having multiple teams on board, which can be costly.

Flutter MVP lets you launch native performance on different devices without compromising quality and user experience. Flutter mobile apps offer seamless performance with other mobile operating systems, helping to deploy a native experience for users. 

  • Minimum Resources Required

Minimizing the required resources can help anyone with a straightforward MVP development process. Integrating Flutter with the Firebase ensures minimal resources for the app development project.

For example, with the integration of Flutter, you already have several features onboard, such as analytics, authentication, and a real-time database. The availability of several key features, such as pre-written code, also ensures a fast-paced development process. Flutter enables developers to access world-class user interface design tools that also reduces the development time of the project.

  • Build Scalable Apps

Another key reason startups use Flutter for MVP development is the scalability offered by the technology stack. To upgrade the scalability of the developed application across a range of devices, you need to update a single code base. 

This provides startups with greater flexibility in handling a growing mobile application user base. Companies can upgrade performance without compromising quality.

  • Flexible user interface

An easy-to-use interface boosts productivity and facilitates the creation of innovative features for mobile app development projects. What makes Flutter unique is the flexibility offered by the SDK in creating appealing user interfaces with top-notch designs.

The framework comes with a powerful toolset that eliminates the need for a large development team. Whether you want to tailor custom-looking apps or follow some generic user interface designs, the platform offers convenience for both development approaches.

  • Enhance Investor Interest

Flutter is a product of tech giant Google. The software development kit became popular in a limited time as it offered smooth, glitch-free performance on several mobile devices. For startups, it is imperative to gain investors’ interest.

The Flutter SDK’s good reputation and reliability make it easier for startups to attract investors’ interest, which increases the project’s chance of success.

Wrapping Up

As a leading MVP  development company, we can help you make flawless apps with the Flutter technology. Based on precise requirements, we can help you with end-to-end MVP development. 

Our senior consultants can help you identify the core features to be released with the first version of the MVP. As the product starts performing well and receives feedback, we research and continue with the next iterations of the MVP app development process.

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