AngularJS is one of the most sought-after frontend development technologies globally. The JavaScript framework was released back in 2010 and has undergone radical changes to stay tuned with the latest technology trends. It offers various out-of-the-box features like dependency injection, two-way data binding, MVC structure, etc., for building modern web apps. 

Angular ranks fifth with a popularity of 17.46% in the list of most used web frameworks, according to a report by Statista. Angular development tools help to create world-class projects, offer faster time-to-market, and ensure streamlined development of projects. 

Fortunately, several Angularjs tools align well with the requirements of building web apps. For example, JavaScript technology comes with robust frameworks, IDEs, Cloud-based environments, and more that seamlessly fulfill the needs of web development projects. 

You must inspect various factors like ease of integration, accessibility, versatility, productivity, and more to choose the best Angularjs developer tools. Based on these factors, this article enlists the top tools to help with Angular development projects. 

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework ideal for building user interfaces of single-page apps. It is an open-source frontend framework and is a product of Google. The structural framework helps create a range of dynamic web apps. The framework’s core features, like data binding and dependency injection, eliminate the need to write much of the code, which leads to a quick development process. 

AngularJS Features

  • It is an open-source, free frontend framework.
  • The framework follows the Apache License version 2.0
  • Developers can leverage cross-browser compliance and deploy optimum Angular JS security practices for building apps.
  • It comes with data binding, which automates data synchronization between Model and View elements.
  • You can access routing for switching views with the framework.
  • The availability of the built-in dependency injection facilitates the quick development of ideas into web apps.
  • Angular follows the MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel), which helps the development of event-driven code and also helps with unit testing.

Various global apps, like Upwork, Forbes, PayPal, etc., have been designed using the Angular development tools. Different tools are compatible for building different kinds of projects. Hire Angular JS developers with proven expertise in the technology to build world-class apps seamlessly.

Here are the Top Angular Development Tools for Building UI hassle-free

AngularJS development tools can be divided into four major categories- IDEs (integrated development environment), frameworks, libraries & components, and testing tools. Let’s discuss them in detail.

5 Best IDEs for Angular Development

1. WebStorm

When looking for an intuitive smart code editor, Angularjs developers can trust Webstorm. It is compatible with numerous JavaScript frameworks and helps debug the application. The tool has an in-built web server for previewing and debugging apps in a web browser or IDE’s built-in browser. Additionally, the server runs continuously and eliminates the need for manual configuration. 

Core Features

  • Smart code editor
  • Fast navigation
  • Multiple integrated tools 
  • AI assistant
  • Collaborative & remote development ·

2. Angular IDE

Angular IDE allows developers to build projects natively and also eases creating and setting up the projects. When listing the top AngularJS development tools, this can be considered one of the best integrated development environments. The IDE powers the project with various components, services, and modules. 

Core Features

  • Syntax-aware source code coloring
  • Code auto-completion
  • Real-time code validations
  • Detects misdefined tags
  • Advanced formatting 

3. Aptana Studio

Aptana Studio is a reliable web development IDE that provides Angular developers with various tools for building apps and web pages. For example, this Angularjs developer tool supports HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby, & JavaScript, inbuilt debugging capabilities, a tree-based code browser, and more. 

Core Features

  • Code Assistance
  • Git integration
  • Integrated Debugger
  • Ide Customization
  • Color Syntax Highlighting

4. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is ideal for the job when looking for a robust code editor. Counted among the best lightweight Angularjs development tools, it provides users with GPU rendering, context-aware autocompletion, JavaScript support, and more. The IDE comes with a Python API that helps with the smooth development of extensions.

Core Features

  • Quick & intuitive navigation
  • Adaptive matching
  • Simultaneous editing
  • Multi-line editing
  • Build systems for multiple programming languages

5. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is an open-source IDE that provides a robust working environment for most programming languages. The Angular tool has multiple extensions, syntax highlighting, bracket-matching, auto-indentation, and more. With Visual Studio, Angular developers can use several intuitive keyboard shortcuts for smooth code customization.

Core Features

  • Simple learning curve
  • Command Line
  • Command Palette
  • Git Integration
  • Change language mode 

4 Best Angular js Frameworks for UI Development

1. Angular UI

As the name suggests, AngularJS UI provides developers with user interface components. The UI-based Angularjs developer tools let you create immersive user interfaces with minimal coding. In simple words, developers save time and effort in transforming conceptual designs over the screen. Additionally, using this tool, you can quickly add various components and functionalities like calendars, maps, and sliders to the webpage.

Core Features

  • Internationalized and accessible components
  • Ensure performance and reliability
  • Cross-platform compatible
  • Versatile tool
  • Accessible Sidebars 

2. Angular Kickstart

When handling single-page application development projects, Angular Kickstart offers the developers’ team several handy features. For example, Angular programmers can use feature file organization that helps organize code and effectively maintains a large code base. The framework’s modular structure helps build reusable code and provides testing support.

Core Features

  • Modularized approach
  • Configs for development
  • Rapid development capabilities
  • Staging & Production
  • Livereload

3. Djangular

If your web development project involves Angular framework for the front end and Django for the backend development, then you must consider using Djangular. In contrast to most Angular developer tools, Djangular facilitates content creation on a per-app basis, which reduces the content load significantly.

Core Features

  • Simple to learn
  • Creates AngularJS content per app
  • Selective runtimes
  • Consistent structure

4. AngularFire

When building the Angular app with a Firebase powered backend, AngularFire can help with smooth development cycles. The technology tool helps switch between the frontend and backend sections of the project.

Core Features

  • NgRx friendly API
  • Dependency injection
  • Zone.js wrappers
  • Lazy-loading
  • Deploy schematics

Best 4 Angular Libraries & Components

1. Angular-gettext

If you want to launch a world-class application, you cannot neglect the Angular-gettext tool. Developers can use it for text annotations with attributes. In simple words, you can write anything in simple English and annotate parts that need to be translated, and the tool takes care of the rest. 

Core Features

  • Effortless translations
  • Seamless integrations
  • Ensures correct plurals across all languages

2. Angular Deckgrid

Angular Deckgrid is an easy-to-use lightweight grid and is ideal for coding and training when the directive lacks visual representation. The AngularJS tool directly receives and showcases visuals from the project’s CSS files. Github lists this tool as handy for building custom responsive grids for developers. 

Core Features

  • Lightweight masonry-like grid
  • Independent of visual representations
  • Responsive grids

3. Videogular

As the name suggests, this Angular development tool helps handle web application video requirements. With Videogular, engineers can ensure smooth integration of video support and other multimedia elements into the app. Additionally, it provides users with various handy functions like moving to different time points within the video, alternating videos within the player, etc. 

Core Features

  • Built-in multi-cam support
  • Manage text tracks dynamically
  • Streaming with DRM
  • WAI-ARIA support

4. Ngx-restangular

Ngx-restangular is a handy tool for simplifying standard GET, POST, DELETE, and UPDATE requests with minimum client code. It also allows the reusability of the objects for handling several requests, which helps minimize the memory footprint. The AngularJS tool is ideal for developing web apps that consume data through RESTful API. 

Core Features

  • Send requests with different settings
  • Send requests within an object
  • Use names instead of URLs

Top 4 AngularJS Tools for Testing & Debugging

1. Karma

Karma is an ideal test runner with an automated environment for running tests across multiple real browsers. Additionally, testers can run numerous tests over the code using the Karma Angular tool. The Angular tools integrate well with standard testing frameworks, including Jasmine, Mocha, etc. 

Core Features

  • Test on Real Devices
  • Remote Control
  • Open Source
  • Easy Debugging

2. Jasmine

The Jasmine test framework provides several vital functions for structuring tests and making assertions. The AngularJS development tool follows a behavior-driven development (BDD) strategy that helps create an app that easily matches user expectations.  

Core Features

  • Open-source
  • BDD framework
  • Ideal for unit and integration testing methods
  • Integrates well with the Karma testing tool

3. Mocha.js

Mocha.js is a JavaScript testing tool and can be used for projects using the Node.js runtime server environment. The tool is ideal for building full-stack JavaScript development projects with Angular and Node.js. Mocha.js Angular testing framework provides accuracy and flexibility and fits well with asynchronous testing methods. 

Core Features

  • Async support
  • Run Node.js tests in parallel
  • Test coverage reporting
  • String diff support

4. Protractor

The Protractor testing framework is the last in the list of the best Angular tools. It stands out from the crowd with a handy feature that allows autonomous synchronization of the web pages with the testing session when the runtime ends of the web applications. 

Core Features

  • Open source tool
  • Easy to install and setup
  • Test-driven development (TDD)
  • Contains automatic waits 

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right AngularJs developer tools can automate several vital tasks and streamline development. At Nethues Technologies, an AngularJS development company, we can help you with flawless end-to-end development of web apps. 

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