With software playing a pivotal role in diverse business industries, finding the best idea can help you stay ahead of the competition. The right software business ideas can help any company become the next sensation in the technology industry. 

Software is to business as air is to living beings. With the advent of emerging technologies, AI, ML, and AR, bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds, digital product ideas have become several times more impactful. 

For example, Pokemon Go became a global sensation in no time. Incredible IT business startup ideas revolve around solving users’ critical problems innovatively with software development.

Here’s a Compilation of 12 Great Software Product Ideas for Startups and SMEs

1. Video Editing Software

The Photo & Video market worldwide is poised to grow by 9.40% (2022-2027), resulting in a market volume of US$18.41bn in 2027. People nowadays prefer watching videos over most other forms of digital media. The rise of TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat revolves around allowing users to make cool videos. A video-editing software that can help people make professional-looking digital records is one of the most viable tech startup ideas. 

2. Project Management Software

Various businesses nowadays outsource IT development projects or handle projects across the seas. Modern project management software business ideas can help companies with optimum use of resources, project tracking, timelines, and budgets. The core features to develop software can be designed or incorporated according to specific business industries.

3. Influencers Connecting App

The influencer marketing revenue projections are expected to reach $24.1 Billion by 2025. There has been a significant rise in local & multinational brands leveraging influencer marketing for greater returns.

A simple-to-use influencer connecting app will allow influencers to register their profile and brands to communicate with them. You can earn on a commission model or freemium model based on the geolocation and decisive marketing strategies of digital product ideas.

4. Voice Translation App

One of the best software business ideas is to dive deep into easing communication with voice translation apps. This will help tourists to connect with locals and vice versa. Such an app should allow voice translation in real-time and work in both ways, translating two languages into a connected person’s native components. 

5. Time Monitoring Software

Time tracking software allows companies to monitor which employees do the most arduous work. Several companies use them to analyze employees’ behaviors and sincerity toward the assigned tasks and activities. These software ideas are compatible with a range of business industries and can be deployed over desktops, PCs, laptops, and smartphones based on the company’s demands.   


6. Data Leakage Detection Software

Various business industries trust third-party software to monitor and control the flow of information, which offers greater protection against leakage of sensitive data. For example, healthcare institutions use such software to safeguard patient records. Product ideas based on preventing data leakage have good demand in every business industry.

7. Malware Protection Software

Malware protection systems can help eliminate potential threats from storage systems and computer devices. Such software startup ideas focus on providing optimum protection against malware in the user’s computer systems. Most companies and individuals use computers to store information and data, which makes security a primary concern and a successful software business idea. 

8. Fitness App

An online app enabling users to reach fitness and health goals by tracking weight, nutrition, and food intake can become easily successful. The software or app can be integrated with charts like weight, heart rate, blood pressure, lifestyle plans, and nutrition plans dedicated to specific users.

Additionally, the digital product ideas focussed on fitness should allow users to interact with health coaches & fitness instructors. This improves the usability and monetization options of the application. 

9. Medical or Healthcare Software

AI startup ideas are revolutionizing the healthcare sector, from diagnosis and personalized medicine to medical robots. Some of the most straightforward AI applications of software assisting the healthcare industry are EHRs, chatbots, automation of administrative tasks, and more.

Traditional healthcare apps facilitate on-demand doctor appointments and video conference consultations for the users. Various new product ideas are focussing on leveraging AI in the healthcare industry. You can add new features to traditional healthcare apps through third-party APIs. 

10. CRM Software

Customer relationship management software systems can help businesses track and manage healthy relationships with business clients. It allows them to manage sales and automate repetitive tasks and key business activities. The software is also helpful with lead management and contact management for the companies. The startup idea building on CRM can target big and small companies as potential customers. 

11. All-in-One Text Converter Software

Often, we stumble upon audio & visual records that we need to convert in the form of text for data management. The software idea over here is to create an all-in-one converter software that will allow users’ data in one format to be easily converted to another. For example, the primary functions of the converter will be the following:

  • Converting audio files into text files
  • Converting image files and videos into text files
  • Converting text files into audio files

Integrating all three functions in a single platform will eliminate the need to switch to other platforms for extracting data in multiple formats. Hence, it’s a merger of multiple software ideas for startups to build a stunning product with greater engagement.

12. Automated Payroll Software Solutions

Payroll calculations are among the most time-consuming tasks in any business organization but can be easily automated via advanced Payroll systems. Businesses save time, money, and effort with automated payrolls and boost employees’ loyalty as payments are accurate and timely.

The tech startup ideas for building payroll systems should make provisions for keeping records of time, employees’ attendance & vacation, different kinds of leaves, and tax calculations. 

Wrapping Up

That was all about building new product ideas in the upcoming years and beyond. A few other viable ideas include food inventory software, hotel management software, language learning software, business communication software solution, hotel booking software, etc.

Before you start working any of these product development, it is advisable to inspect competitors and conduct in-depth market research. In the end, you need expert software partners to transform your ideas into viable solutions.

At Nethues Technologies, we have transformed ideas into successful software for over two decades. Having delivered over 2800 successful projects across 30+ business industries, we can help you create appealing software solutions in a hassle-free way.


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