Meet Magento India 2021 Key Highlights

Meet Magento India 2021
Published by - Sanjeev Kumar | 19th Feb 2021

Meet Magento India 2021 finally held virtually on February 4, 2021, in India, Ahmedabad. Conquering all the suspicions due to the pandemic situation, the fourth annual Meet Magento India successfully took place. This Magento eCommerce online event was the first significant event of Magento this year that was more exciting than 2019. With the Magento community’s due acknowledgement and all the contributors, this eCommerce event can be considered one of the biggest virtual events.

One of the major Magento agencies, Wagento organized the online event through a digital platform supported by Hubilo. The grant event was held on the usual period with a similar vibe of energy, learning encouragement, several participants, and over 40 speakers. The entire event was organized by 30 interactive sessions.

Open for All
A part of this event was “free” which offered an excellent opportunity to build an external network under one umbrella with the Magento community, merchants, experts, developers, agency owners, and so on. It acted as a blessing to step forward for the people who are an enthusiast in eCommerce business and the community.

Virtual Interaction
Though there was the limitation of being physically present, the virtual booth arrangement successfully overcame the barrier. The fellow sponsors, honourable speakers, participants were allowed to access the virtual boots to interact. The system was straightforward to follow and effective.

Access to Event Feed
A great opportunity to participate in posting discussions, engaging polls, event feeds, and so on. The organization approved the access to the event feed who signed up for the Meet Magento India event. The arrangement helped all the attendees to interact with the full event easily to a certain level.

Inspiration from speakers
Several keynote speakers were lined up in different sessions of the entire event. Nath Parmeshwaran, from PayPal India, talked about enabling eCommerce business growth. Siddhant Bhalinge from and Matthew Mcclelland from Dotdigital discussed the automation of the traditional market and the process of making the complex business model easy. The honourable speakers also talked about the technical track with demo sessions, the business track with successful inspirational stories. The speakers provided valuable insights about community growth and strategies to keep all the sincerity intact.

Some event highlights were:

The Magento 2.4.2 release session was elaborated explaining the new updates including the merchant control, flexibility in developer tools, developing e-shopping skills, and so forth.

Emerging the technology of PWA adoption, its interests, and the improvements were the event’s main key focus. The Progressive PWA made it possible to combine commerce and content. Most importantly, the updated version is now supportive of improving a storefront of B2B, AEM synthesis, managed cloud optimization, and more other page developer enrichment.

Fresh and powerful admin tools, AI/ML, and more comprehensive integration of the “Product recommendation section”.

This Magento commerce event’s motto was to offer a complete future digital solution altogether and offer a unique customer service operation. The next year’s event date was announced at the end of the event. They are considering January 29, 2022, for Meet Magento India 2022. Magento eCommerce inspired several eCommerce practitioners by acknowledging key members of the community and the succeeding way in the ecosystem of eCommerce.

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