PrestaShop 1.7.6 Is Out: Check Out What’s New

PrestaShop 1.7.6 is Available Now
Published by - Amit Singla | 08th Aug 2019

Because we are Presta lovers!

Last month witnessed the huge release of PrestaShop version 1.7.6. After six months of development and a six week-long Beta, the PrestaShop community finally released their biggest version since biggest since The community said:

“In this version, we focused on improving and bringing back important 1.6 features to merchants, and kept working on code quality and performance improvements. We have made important progress on the Symfony migration as well.”

Well, that sounds quite interesting. Let’s make it more interesting by knowing in detail

What’s New in PrestaShop 1.7.6?

Let’s start with numbers first:

  • 748 merged Pull Requests (vs 210 in 1.7.3, 260 in 1.7.4 and 448 in 1.7.5)
  • 7349 files changed (294661 insertions, 107638 deletions)
  • 4431 commits merged
  • 249 issues fixed


That’s HUGE!

Time to examine the real changes.

Front Office

  • New design for email templatesent to customers specially optimized for mobile displays to improve the shopping experience and customer relationship.
  • Display of the price details (product price, shipping, taxes, etc.) at all key stages of the purchasing process to improve customer reassurance and conversions.
  • New profile menu with direct access to resources (documentation, training, agencies, help center)
  • Updated version of the Product Comments module, with rich snippets.
  • Fully refactored faceted search (for sorts and filters) on the categories and listings pages with the addition of a price slider.
  • Improved Catalog mode: for showcase websites, you can now choose to display or to hide product prices.
  • Improved currency management subsystem. This is the basis to allow more customization in the next versions, adding custom currencies for example.
  • Improved SEO for products with combinations.

Back Office

  • Manage and preview transactional emails directly from a new back-office page: Email Theme.
  • Get both tax included and excluded prices for each product.
  • New helper cards on important pages to improve the software onboarding: Categories, Customers, Pages, Employees.
  • Dynamic preview of search engine results has been added to more pages: Product page, Categories, CMS.
  • Improved translation system for multilingual modules.
  • Optimized back office administration on mobile devices.

Major Bug Fixes

Front Office

  • Checkout used to proceed automatically from carrier selection to payment selection, it was an issue for some carrier modules requiring extra configuration steps in the carrier selection.
  • Enhanced security checks for virtual goods. Previously anyone with the correct link (correct &key=… URL parameter) could download a virtual good.
  • Fixed the bug that createdan error in discount calculation when adding a cart rule in a cart containing only virtual product.
  • Price can now be calculated on the real order price and not the one including after a discount is applied
  • DNI fields is forced for countries that require it.
  • Fixed the minimum order in the second currency bug.


  • Themes are not reset anymore when already active (also prevent hooks to be reset) – fixed in the Autoupgrade module

Technical Improvements

  • Nightly builds and nightly boardavailable
  • Manage legacy translations of modules as well as Symfony modules at translation Manager of Back Office
  • Added support for Doctrine Entities in modules (both Front and Back-office)
  • Price computation is now covered by Integration tests powered by Behat (human-readable tests)
  • New mail template system based on Twig, along with a new generation system which avoids downloading all the mail templates.
  • New CLDR standard implementation: improved localization of prices and amounts.
  • Support for multiple grids on the same page.


  • Improved employee authorization process
  • Cache for loading modules
  • The number of SQL requests to get the employee authorizations has been significantly reduced

Web Services:

  • Product customization can now be reached
  • Product combination information in Pack content is now available

Conversion & Acquisition

PrestaShop 1.7.6 allows merchants to generate traffic and increase sales.


  • Customers Reviews
  • New faceted navigation (for sorting and filters) on the category and listing pages with the addition of a price slider
  • Ability to enable or disable the display of prices for showcase sites in “catalog mode”;
  • Added watermark feature


  • Rich Snippets feature added to the Customer Reviews module.
  • SEO optimization for products with variations.

Visibility and Internationalization

PrestaShop 1.7.6 offers merchants tools and services that take into account local specificities to conquer new markets.

International trade

  • Better localization thanks to the optimization of the display of prices adapted to customer language.
  • Optimized translation system for multilingual sites.

This is all about the latest improvements and updates brought in by the PrestaShop community.

We are excited to leverage its power and create a better user experience.

Connect with us if you need help migrating or upgrading your PrestaShop store.

We are a certified PrestaShop partner agency and have 10+ years of experience helping businesses just like yours make the switch.

Hope you enjoy too!

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