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At times, open-source site builder software seems way too complicated, especially for newbies who are seeking solutions that are intuitive and easy to use. Intermediate-level developers might scoff at the idea of WordPress or Magento being confusing, but they present a real learning curve to neophytes.

Thankfully, PrestaShop does a wonderful job of providing the needed open-source feel without the more intimidating interface.

It all starts with a simple PrestaShop website, where you can download the software, sign up for a web hosting solution and hire a PrestaShop expert as per your wish.

On the other hand, you might consider playing around with the tools without any assistance, and that’s one of the coolest aspects of PrestaShop. You don’t have to spend anything and it competes with Shopify’s likes when it comes to ease-of-use.

PrestaShop Features And Affordability
Being open-source, PrestaShop is absolutely free. This means you don’t have to pay for the actual software – it is self-hosted – so, you’ll end up paying for things like hosting, domain names, and maybe a template if you’re looking for a unique design.

Other than this, you simply have to navigate to the PrestaShop website, click on the Get PrestaShop button and simply download it to your computer.

As far as the basic features included with the standard PrestaShop software are concerned, here’s what to expect:

  • 500+ features and dozens more added on a regular basis.
  • 3,000+ modules and themes to help you customize your store, increase traffic, improve conversion rates and build customer loyalty.
  • 75+languages to help you grow and capture global audience.
  • Custom templatefor quickly crafting your custom build instead of choosing a pre-built one from the template store.

These are the core features – ones that get your eCommerce site launched and ready to go. However, it’s worth talking about the other features, probably the ones that make merchants choose PrestaShop over other eCommerce platforms.

Let’s explore some of the best:

Product Creation

  • PrestaShop offers a powerful and intuitive product creation and management area. It begins with a module that helps in quick productcreation, feature configuration and value Further, you can also create product groups for bigger sales.
  • The platform supports both product variants and attributes with a full-fledgedfeature for selling digital products.
  • The product pages are in-depth and customizable, with options for attaching files or updating whatever additional information is needed. Additionally, admin can set a minimum quantity and set up a message to display whenever an item goes out of stock.
  • Along with categories and subcategories, inventory tracking, supplies management and product management is peerless.

Store Customization
As an open-source solution, PrestaShop has both visual builders and file access which enable you to set up different payment methods, change shipping methods and enable an SSL. Some of the other more popular customization tools include:

  • Product organization
  • In-built search engine tool to help customers in easily finding products
  • Search bar that brings up products/services as and when users type in keywords
  • Search box on every 404 page
  • Google Maps integration to showcase your physical shops, if any
  • Navigation panel in the checkout area
  • An option for customers to validate orders

Google Rich Snippets
This goes without saying but Google is the major source of traffic to your website. However, to direct users to your store, Google has to know what your store is so that it can rank your site appropriately.

One way to help Google improve its understanding of your site is to use rich snippets. Rich snippets are sets of structured data markup that you can add to your existing HTML. This markup helps Google (and other search engines) better understand the information on your site.

While you could easily hand-generate rich snippets, PrestaShop has  specific add-ons in the PrestaShop Addons Marketplace that streamlines the entire process. With these add-ons, improving your SEO does not have to be difficult!

PrestaShop Blog Module
One way to keep information updated on your site is by maintaining a blog. While the core PrestaShop installation does not include a blog, there are many add-ons available in the Addon Marketplace that help install a blog on your site. If you have an existing blog, you can find something that will display your posts in your store. If you do not, you can find something that will add full blogging functionality to your site.

Another great aspect of PrestaShop is that users don’t have to find extra plugins, apps or integrations. Custom features are a different story, but the typical marketing tools are already present.

For instance, you can take advantage of the following:

  • Coupons codes
  • Pricing rules that dynamically change basis certain parameters
  • Opportunity to offer free shipping
  • Drop product promotions on the homepage slider for showing users what they can save on
  • Option to provide gift wrapping to customers during the checkout
  • Email system for sending out abandoned cart emails
  • Affiliate programs
  • Email marketing

Overall, it would be impossible to cover every single feature, however, you can sort and choose what best aligns with your business.

Create Your Store With a PrestaShop Expert
Though PrestaShop has an intuitive website builder, but some people might prefer hiring an expert to set things right.

If this is the case, PrestaShop has got you covered in this aspect as well. It offers a remarkable tool for finding experts in your country or region. Yes, you read that right.

You might be okay working with a remote developer, but if you are someone who would rather prefer someone from their own country, PrestaShop has got your back. For instance, a company/individual in France would choose France’s drop-down to get someone who speaks French.

Further, all the experts are rated based on their experience wherein you can view their profile, work and contact them accordingly.

Hope this article proves helpful.

What’s your take on PrestaShop now? Do you think it is the ideal eCommerce development solution for your business?

Share your feedback; let’s discuss more of PrestaShop.

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