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It goes without saying that PrestaShop is one of the favourable eCommerce platforms worldwide. A large number of businesses own PrestaShop powered stores, which are/have been helping them with great customers, profits, visibility and engagement.

Well, this doesn’t come easy. Top retailers like Amazon remind us how competitive and cut-throat the eCommerce market is. A minor pitfall can lead to major losses.

A very interesting and powerful fact regarding the competitive nature of eCommerce is: Jeff Bezos (CEO & Founder of Amazon) meets his team on a regular basis to compare the loading speeds of their top competitors in order to make sure that Amazon is at least two times as fast as the #2 competitor.

Yes, you read that right. Such is the competition!

This means you need to be very careful with what you do with your store – from its speed to features to functionalities to updates- everything needs to be pitch perfect.

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If you are unsure of your PrestaShop operating capabilities i.e whether your store is operating at its maximum or lacking somethings, take help from a PrestaShop developer and see for yourself. Further, we have prepared a list of relevant tips to be considered for a successful PrestaShop store.

Ensure Quick and Easy Checkout
One of the biggest customer turnoffs is an overly complicated checkout process. If your customers are unable to complete the checkout process, they won’t be able to complete the purchase. So, it’s advisable to pay attention to the checkout process and make it as simple, painless as possible. To attain this you can keep checkout and shipping on the same page so that the customers don’t have to input their information twice.

Secondly, make sure your customer feels secure throughout the checkout process. They won’t make a purchase if they feel uneasy while making the payment through card.

Luckily, PrestaShop offers a list of modules to ensure your checkout process runs smoothly.

Provide Quality Customer Service
Being accessible and helpful is one of the most important things you can do for eCommerce success. While your customers won’t be able to develop a face-to-face relationship with you, being easy to reach and personable can help you overcome this hurdle. Utilize PrestaShop’s various modules to do things like generating an informative newsletter, to simply developing a live-chat system so that you can be available at all times and out beat your competitors.

Ensure Your Store Is Upgraded to Latest Version
The best thing about PrestaShop is constant updates. Every now and then, the community brings substantial updates that eliminate all the bugs and enhance your store’s performance.

Don’t forget to check out version and upgrade to the latest version of PrestaShop to offer a flawless shopping experience to your users. For instance, if you are still using PrestaShop 1.6, then it’s time to upgrade from PrestaShop 1.6 to 1.7.

Appealing Website Is The Way
No one will stay on a page or website that’s visually unattractive or loads slowly. A visually appealing online store is the key to engaging and keeping customers coming back to your site.

Be consistent with your color schemes, fonts, designs and images – ones that are attractive and pleasing to the eyes. Further, display categories that are easy to navigate and simple yet descriptive so that your customer can find exactly what they’re looking for. Check out the PrestaShop modules for design and customization inspiration!

Follow these numbered yet effective tips for store success. After all, a great store not only brings profits but customers for life!

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