Why are Modules Important for PrestaShop Store?

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Published by - Amit Singla | 31st Mar 2021

The covid-19 pandemic has transformed the e-commerce industry completely. With more people dependent on online stores, efficient platforms to design e-commerce stores have increased significantly. PrestaShop is one such open-source tool that lets you create e-commerce websites with advanced features. Low-maintenance, free-of-cost solutions, and extensibility through third-party addons make PrestaShop a popular choice in the market.

What is a PrestaShop module?
Extensibility on PrestaShop is possible without having to modify any of the core code files. PrestaShop modules are small pieces of code that can be added to PrestaShop to extend the functionalities. A merchant can add the modules as per his needs. These modules are also famous by the name of extensions, addons, or widgets. They can customise the e-commerce website and add new features that can enhance the customers’ shopping experience.

Varieties of PrestaShop Modules

There are a variety of modules available for different purposes. Both free and paid modules can be utilised based on the budget and requirement. All modules can be divided into three groups depending on the functionalities they add to the e-commerce website.

  • Modules for changing the appearance of the e-commerce store
    In this category, there are modules for the betterment of the product page by adding videos, highlighting the products, creating a neat menu of products available on the site, and automating content display.
  • Modules for adding extra features or functionalities to the website
    E-commerce sites need to have features such as displaying advertisements, customising products, and keeping track of shopping carts with incomplete purchases. These enhance the performance of the store.
  • Modules for facilitating interactions of the PrestaShop platform with external tools or software systems
    Plug-ins for facilitating payment through third-party gateways or pulling and pushing data into an external database are necessary. All such modules come under this third category.

What can a PrestaShop Module Developer do to enhance the e-commerce store? 

Every eCommerce store owner aims to improve their visitors’ shopping experience, and this is a continuous process depending upon your customer behaviour.

The PrestaShop module library helps achieve this and adds additional features in store both in the back end and front end. However, it would be best if you had a professionally trained module developer for all this.

Here are the services an experienced PrestaShop module developer can offer:

  • Integrate modules
    The developers can integrate multiple modules with the e-commerce store to add additional features to it, ensuring your visitors have a hassle-free shopping experience.
  • Multiple Stores on a website
    If you want to have multiple stores on your e-commerce store powered by Prestashop, the developers can do this using the correct modules.
  • Custom modules
    You might require some specific modules for the e-commerce store. Experienced module developers can make such specific which are needed for your business.
  • Modify existing modules
    Some modules might need certain modifications to suit specific business requirements. A PrestaShop developer can do the needful.

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