Why Is AngularJS Ideal For Web Application Development?

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Published by - Ankit Ahuja | 23rd Jan 2019

Gaining remarkable applauds from the developers and enterprises, JavaScript has become one of the interpreted, dynamic, and multi-paradigm languages used for building dynamic and modern web applications. With multiple JavaScript frameworks available, you definitely need better insights and analysis for choosing the best one for your next venture.

Talking of the best – brings into the picture AngularJS!

Whether it is an enterprise app development, responsive web application development, or any other web development needs, AngularJS has nailed the battlefield of development. A feature-packed structural framework which works with JavaScript and aims to provide simplification to the developers, this framework focuses on building dynamic and single page web applications. Offering full flexibility to extend HTML’s syntax, it lets you demonstrate your web application’s functionality in the most logical manner.

Thus a preferred choice among developers, here are some impressive reasons that decode the popularity of AngularJS web development.

Security Optimization
Whenever it comes to modifying or changing any existing product, security becomes a point of concern. According to some companies, trying hands on a new technology might create issues with their IT infrastructure.
Luckily, this is not the case with AngularJs.

It uses HTTPS interface for communicating with servers. Either in the form of restful API or a web service, AngularJs helps you keep cross-site scripting attacks at bay. Furthermore, as it comes with $http module, it offers CSRF protection as well. However, there might be a need for you to indulge in some server work in order to support this functionality.

Fast Creation With Fewer Efforts
One reason behind embracing web app development with AngularJS is its ability to make app development a very quick and effortless task. Equipped with robust HTML, JavaScript Objects, and dependency injection, it addresses the real-time concerns of web development. By building applications without much time to code, test, and deploy, developers can avail parallel development reducing dependencies on other modules.

More Maintainable
Yet another advantage of AngularJS is that it usually results in web applications that are more maintainable. Once the application is ready and installed, you are ready to go. You will have to return to the app only at the time of updation or bug fixation.

Encouraging the use of object oriented design at the client side, AngularJS makes it is very easy to remember and maintain your applications.

Improved Testability
In order to boost performance and address any issues, you need to make changes to your web application over time. However, if your web app is difficult to test, you may not be able to identify the issues or the problem areas. AngularJS comes to rescue here. While boosting testability of the app, it makes testing fun and easy job. Dependency injection, being the core, explains why is it so easy to test.

Moreover, the testing tutorial included on AngularJS official website turns the process into something interesting and facile.

Leverage Your Existing Data
The best part about AngularJs is that it doesn’t limit you with the underlying data management system. Reason being – most of the AngularJS applications get implemented through RESTful APIs for the communication and database management.

In case you use existing internal APIs, you can use Angular application and replace the existing frontend code. This, in turn, will give you the permission to reuse the server security seamlessly. Also, if you are replacing your app with Django or Rails, the transition will be flawless and smooth.

Isn’t this a great way to enhance your website’s speed and performance?

I hope by now you have already known why should one embrace this front-end JavaScript framework for their next web app development project. Becoming popular within no time, the framework is all set to take your business to a whole new level. For further details, get in touch with an AngularJS expert today.

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