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About the Client

Lighthouse Living is a real-estate enterprise based in the Netherlands. The enterprise is a collaboration between renowned architect Sanne Boks-Wijma & other leading construction companies in the Netherlands. Their combined expertise makes it possible for people to build their dream homes in a hassle-free way.

Creating or renovating one’s home is a spiritual journey and involves a lot of stressful decisions. Sanne Boks-Wijma holds the expertise of 12+ years as an architect as well as an interior designer. With her expertise, she wanted to help people trying to realise their dream living space. 

She caters to these stressful decisions so people can build their personalised homes with ease and comfort. The company’s website facilitates people to have a clear glimpse of the possibilities they can have with their living space.

Besides house development deals, Lighthouse Living pays detailed attention to the interior finishing of the houses. It constitutes a significant difference and gives enterprises a substantial edge in the market. Overall, the company is not limited to stacking bricks but instead focuses on building a lifestyle.

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Project Requirements

Lighthouse Living was already a successful website when the enterprise contacted us. However, they were facing a significant challenge with the house budget calculations. The enterprise was looking for a solution that allowed users to have accurate insights into their budget requirements.

In short, the company was looking for an interactive calculator that allowed users to have a reasonable estimate of their house. The company wanted the budget estimation process to be quick and fun for its customers besides offering an intuitive interface.

Our dedicated Vue developers had a detailed discussion with the Lighthouse Living team to analyse the feasibility of their business idea. Based on these discussions, the team inspected and found that the housing budget depends upon the following factors:

  • Home choice – 6 Options (Little Cape, Bornrif, Brandaris, Lange Jaap, Fire Dune, & Great Cape )
  • Facade – 4 Options (Design Layout A, B, C, & D)
  • Size – 2 Options (Standard Dimension, Home Extension)
  • Layout – 6 Options (3 Layout Options for both Ground & First Floor )
  • Interior – 3 Options (Basic, Comfort, & Exclusive Package)
  • Energy – 2 Options (Solar & Conscious Package)
  • Options – 3 Options (Kitchen, Floors, & Interior Advice)
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Our Solution

Based on the discussion, our Vue developers team constituted a detailed blueprint. The entire plan was carefully laid out on the blueprint and verified by Lighthouse Living so that the development process as a whole goes smoothly as per the client’s needs. Once the developer’s team head discussed the design with the customer’s end, the front-end development team created an intuitive interface via wireframing tools.

It gave the customer’s a concrete idea about how the entire budget calculator would appear on the screen. Lighthouse Living was impressed with the design of the house budget calculator and approved the project’s final development team.

For the project’s back end, the developer’s team decided to go with Laravel as it offers both an optimum level of scalability and wonderful speed performance. Laravel also facilitated the project with an MVC architecture leading to a faster time to market and overall easy website maintenance in the long run.

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Technical Bits

  • Calculator testing on the staging server
  • Module filtration using buyers’ data
  • Module integration and final configuration
  • Search Engine Optimization check
  • Server calibration and performance overhauling

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