• About The Project

    The project involves around developing a payment processing plugin for a Magento based website. This Magento plugin will be merged with the client’s website and will serve two purposes. First, it will help a lender to choose the amount of loan along with the number of installments and payment period. Second, it will approve the amount with the bank and transfer the money safely into the lender’s bank account. The plugin has been developed with advanced resources to ensure highly secure transactions.


    • Integrate a feature rich admin panel allowing the admin to process the requests using Partner Id and Product ID provided by the Ekspres Bank.
    • Display Ekspres as a payment option if it is active and available as a mode of payment.
    • Safely redirect the user to the Ekspres Bank’s website to enter the details and signature to proceed further with the process.
    • Ensure secure channels to redirect, confirm lender’s details, authorize the amount from the bank and display the final status to the lender.
    • Update the database in real-time and send proper communications to the lender as well as the bank.
    What we did
    • Design
    • Development
    • Seo
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