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About the Client

Nabla is an Italian Indie brand that offers high-quality, industry verified makeup products that they claim are skin-friendly and safe to use. Known for its innovative manufacturing formulas, the brand allows each individual to find the unique style of makeup they want to carry.

Making Nabla unique is its cruelty-free and vegan certified products. The brand demonstrates immense love and care towards animals and thus believes in a purely cosmetic product that has not been tested on animals.

Sticking strictly to their policies, Nabla refuses to deal in nations where it is mandatory to verify beauty products by testing them on animals. Animal safeguarding is one of the least seen interests among cosmetic brands, but Nabla does follow it by creating cosmetics with no ingredients and colourants of animal origin.

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Project Requirements

Nabla’s eCommerce store runs on Prestashop CMS. They needed an interactive module integration to suggest people cosmetics from their website based on the collected inputs. The client briefed us about how they scanned for their desired feature module across the web and several times in PrestaShop’s official marketplace but couldn’t manage to find anything similar. So, they reached out to Nethues Technologies for a professional solution.

Our certified Prestashop developer had a detailed discussion with the client regarding their requirements and came to a solution of customizing a ‘Shadefinder’ module for their website. This module would help customers select their skin colour, complexion, skin type and filter out other specific wants, so the automatic filter embedded in the module could suggest makeup and cosmetic products such as foundation, powder, concealer, and so on according to their requirements.

Besides, the client has been experiencing severe performance and functionality errors on their webshop. Their existing modules weren’t functioning optimally on iOS devices. The mobile view of Nabla Cosmetics also needed optimizations since the core web vitals were continually reporting about the website being mobile-unfriendly. Our developer suggested them an in-depth website audit and a complimentary SEO check to improve the webshop’s search engine rankings, with holistic performance across all major screen resolutions, operating systems, and mobile browsers.

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Our Solution

Our certified PrestaShop developer firstly created a module blueprint to smoothen the project journey. The blueprint was verified and discussed with the client to prevent unexpected intermediate challenges for the project. Having the policy to maintain a 100% workflow transparency, Nethues set up professional project management tools such as Basecamp, Trello, and Slack. Furthermore, to help the client communicate directly with the developer, professional Skype profiles and team discussion channels were created.

Post that, the PrestaShop developer proceeded toward module architecture design, code execution, and functionality testing. To verify if the module is functioning correctly, they integrated it into their demo webshop operating on a staging server and then incorporated it into Nabla’s eCommerce webshop. Our team monitored the webshop’s vitals and performance on multiple browsers, operating systems, and mobile resolutions post-module integration. There were a few glitches in the Android, but we fixed them on point. After we were done with the module aspect, we moved on to the PrestaShop audit.

Nethues PrestaShop development team uses a list of over 50 eCommerce health check parameters to ensure the store is optimized and has all the necessary elements to succeed in today’s digital world. Our PrestaShop certified engineer then shared the in-depth audit report with Nabla Cosmetics and explained each discrepancy over a professional team call. When the client understood each requisite thoroughly, our team fixed the errors found in the audit report and got our client their desired web performance.

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Technical Bits

  • Module structuring and architecture designing
  • Data backup from the configuration form
  • Module testing on the staging server
  • Module filtration using buyers’ data
  • Module integration and final configuration
  • In-depth website audit
  • Search Engine Optimization check
  • Server calibration and performance overhauling
  • On-page SEO retention with URL regeneration, broken link fixing, and keyword optimization

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