Let’s face it – the digital world is changing as we speak.

In such circumstances, it is patently hard to adapt to the changing trends. However, in order to be at the forefront, this is exactly what the ‘big names’ and the ‘tech-giants’ in the industry are doing. Facebook, Instagram, Netflix – to name a few- are constantly improvising their experience and adapting to the new frameworks and changing trends.

As of recently, there is a big word of mouth going around ReactJS and its impressive features. Popular among web developers, the technology has taken development world by storm.

What is React?

React is a JavaScript library for building User Interfaces. Allowing reactjs developers to create large web applications that use data which can change over time without reloading the page, its sole aim is to be fast, simple and scalable.

The proof for its popularity is best described by the apps that are using it for development – and we have brought for you the list of most impressive apps based on ReactJS.



Instagram, a name so big, makes a vast use of ReactJS. Its features including geolocations, Google Maps APIs, search engine accuracy as well as tags that pop out without hashtags all are a display of ReactJS. IT is all there in the API of the app – and is really impressive.

Completely based on the ReactJS library, the app has let fans fully adapt to its amazing features.



The React version works with Netflix too – especially on their platform called Gibbon – used for low-performance TV devices instead of the DOM used in web browsers. Netflix has even published an official blog post stating how this library helps through its startup speed, runtime performance, modularity and various other advantages.

As the UI engineers at Netflix stated: “Our decision to adopt React was influenced by a number of factors, most notably: 1) startup speed, 2) runtime performance, and 3) modularity.”



By employing ReactJS, Pinterest allows its users to upload, save, sort and manage images/videos -known as pins, through collections known as pinboards. Acting as a personalized media platform where users can browse the content of others in their feed, Pinterest says it all.


WhatsApp Web

A top-notch messaging service to connect with family and friends, WhatsApp uses ReactJS for building user interfaces from Facebook, just like it uses Underscore.js and Velocity.js as some of its most efficient engines.


 Yahoo! Mail

Surprisingly (or not), Yahoo!’s mail also uses React. The engineers working on the Yahoo Mail platform needed a lot of upgrades. As they say in a blog post on Tumblr:

For the next generation Yahoo Mail platform, we wanted:

  • Predictable flow ~ Easy Debugging
  • Independently deployable components
  • Shorter learning curve
  • No dependency on large platform libraries

In the end, we decided to go with React JS and Flux because of the following reasons:

  • React implements one-way reactive data flow
  • Virtual DOM allows the client and server side rendering
  • Code in Javascript
  • Growing and active community



As soon as ReactJS became popular among developers, Dropbox switched to it. The plethora of ReactJS resources are efficiently utilized by Dropbox – widely contributing to the success of this amazing cloud-based storage service and online backup solution.



A worldwide online payments system, PayPal allows money transfer – serving as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods. By making use of the ReactJS framework, it provides a smooth experience to its users and an easy transfers system.

Final Word

Reduced risk, development efficiency, enhanced effectiveness and phenomenal benefits are some of the reasons to choose or upgrade to ReactJS. Even though certain frameworks take their toll regarding time and costs, ReactJS takes the lead when it comes to creating the perfect user experience – be it web or mobile.

Author’s Bio

Smarth Aggarwal - Sr. App Developer

Holding the position of senior software engineer at Nethues, his approach towards work is quite simple and straight. By investing his knowledge and experience with iOS.

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