2019: The Year of Big Things in Laravel Published by - Sanjeev Kumar | 30th Jul 2019

Laravel 2019

Laravel, a name in the web and app development sphere, never fails to impress its users. With regular updates and add-ons, the community constantly works…

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Laravel Security Features: An Overview Published by - Priya Singh | 03rd Jul 2019


Depending on which survey you believe, the market share of PHP currently stands somewhere between 70% and 80%.¬†This means if you have visited 10 websites…

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Node.js vs AngularJS: An In-Depth Comparison Published by - Himanshu Rehani | 20th Jun 2019

Node.js vs AngularJS

Over the past few years, JavaScript has evolved from being just a simple client-side scripting language into an incredibly powerful programming language. For the sixth…

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