It’s that time of the year when Laravel enthusiasts play with all-new features offered by the latest version! On February 13, 2023, Laravel upgrade 10 was released: a significant Laravel from its predecessor and many improvements by the Laravel Team. If you’ve been using an older version as your PHP framework foundation, jumping onto this new release is highly recommended. There are lots of groud-breaking changes and exciting capabilities awaiting this newly unveiled Laravel upgrade service.

Read on for more details about what awaits when using Laravel 10.

Introduction to Laravel 10

Laravel, the leading PHP framework, has just reached its 10th milestone update. This upgrade marks a policy change with a focus on high-end security and performance. Laravel Team will now be introducing a new Laravel version yearly rather than every six months. 

Laravel users can take advantage of a reliable support plan with up to two years of security updates and 18 months’ worth of bug fixes and security fixes available for all versions.

Never miss out on the Laravel projects’ latest technical stability improvements, no matter which version you’re running!

Laravel Versions

Bug Fixes Date

Security Fixes Date

Laravel 9

Until 8th August, 2023

Until 6th February, 2024

Laravel 10

Until 6th August, 2024

Until 6th February, 2025

Laravel 11

Until 4th August, 2025

Until 2nd February, 2026

Features & Updates of Laravel 10


  • PHP 8.0 Support Eliminated

Laravel 10 and its upgraded version, 10.1., have kicked the old school out by eliminating Laravel support for PHP 8.0 and earlier versions. For a successful upgrade to this new-age framework, websites need to update their PHP programming language support to PHP 8.1 and migrate from Predis v1 to Predis v2; with proper testing, it’s a relatively smooth process. Laravel 10 mandates a minimum PHP version of 8.1.

  • Laravel Pennant Availability for feature flags

Laravel 10, the Latest Laravel version, introduces the all-new, ultra-lightweight library, Laravel Pennant. This new feature and flag management system helps businesses drive engagement and an improved user experience through its top-notch capabilities. It enables enterprises to roll out new features gradually without necessary code modifications. What’s more? Businesses can also track availability and check if elements are active or inactive without fuss. Furthermore, it is even compatible with trunk-based development strategies. Find out the overall influence of the color change on the existing website or web application.

  • Optimizing Slow Tests Using “Profile”

The Laravel support team now has an incredible tool in their arsenal: ‘- – profile.’ This option lets them pinpoint slow tests and optimize performance, quickly speeding up the debugging unit testing process. With this helpful feature, they have a surefire way to boost efficiency no matter what issue arises.

  • Encounter Native Type Declarations

The newest version of Laravel helps you write code that is easy to read. It follows native-type declarations in the app skeleton code. Hence, when you hire PHP developers, the developers’ code produces types and type hints. This makes it easier to understand the code and fill in the blanks. The result is that your code will be more precise and have extra features like auto-complete. Additionally, it will also provide method arguments, userland types, etc., to the PHP Developers. 

  • Interactive Artisan Command

Developers rejoice! The popular command line interface tool, Artisan Console, has been upgraded for an improved and interactive experience. Gone are the days of errors when declaring a new model – now pass its name to “php artisan make: model,” and you’re ready to go with the Laravel new project. And that’s not all; this enhanced version allows Laravel developers to quickly create factories, migrations, or any other custom functions in just one simple step.

  • Invokable Validation Rules

The recent Laravel framework eliminates the need to include ‘-invokable’ after an Artisan command. Providing developers with new convenience, functions now automatically activate validation rules without any additional effort, minimizing time and optimizing existing project, and newly created projects.

Invokable Validation Rules

  • Simpler Process Handling

Laravel 10 makes development more accessible by integrating the Symfony Process component. Writing external processes can now be accomplished quickly and effortlessly, allowing developers to focus on providing users with a seamless experience without worrying about routine glitches.

  • Multiple Deprecations Elimination From Laravel 9

With the launch of Laravel v10, unnecessary complexities have been removed, and transitioning to the new version is now much smoother! Upgrading requires developers to code for features that were previously marked as deprecations in Laravel 9. 

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Various Deprecated Methods In Previous versions

  • MaintenanceModeException class
  • assertTimesSent() method
  • Route::home method
  • getBaseQuery method
  • MocksApplicationServices trait
  • Mail::failures method in the mail fake
  • Support for Predis 1 and doctrine/dbal 2
  • Advised using $casts in place of the deprecated $dates 

Upgrading to Laravel 10

With ease, update your Laravel 9 new features to version 10 of the framework.

Time Expected for Upgrade: 10 Minutes

Use Laravel Shift to automate your application’s update from Laravel 9 to Laravel 10, keeping it updated. 

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Wrapping Up

For businesses wanting to stay ahead of the competition, Laravel 10 offers remarkable improvements. Upgrading this latest version gives users access to greater security and A/B testing capabilities with our dedicated support team by their side through every step of the process – from taking backups for a hassle-free transition to high-performance web optimization once upgraded. At Nethues, we ensure your website remains optimal when migrating to laravel 10+ versions.

You need not worry about the transition process of Laravel 9 to Laravel 10 upgrade. Nethues is here with our experienced support team to ensure you experience minimal downtime and top-notch web performance during the upgrade. By leveraging our core team at Laravel Development Company, you may eliminate the hassle of your web app development journey. Contact our experts today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What’s new in Laravel 10?

Laravel 10 brings exciting new features to the framework, such as Laravel Pennant, an improved tester experience with a ‘profile’ option. Developers will also have access to a native type declaration system in skeleton code, invokable validation rules by default, and Artisan commands that can be used interactively. Plus, all deprecations marked in version 9 were removed for optimal development speed.

Q2. How to Upgrade from Laravel 9 to Laravel 10?

The easiest way to upgrade Laravel 9 to 10 is to utilize Laravel Shift. It can automate itself, keeping your application up to date or follow the upgrade guide for respective Laravel versions.

Q3. Why Laravel is better than other frameworks?

Laravel stands apart from other frameworks due to its diverse set of features and scalability capabilities. From easy database migrations, robust security measures, and powerful query-building tools via Eloquent ORM, the wide range of options available makes it a framework suitable for any web development project.

Q4. What is the upcoming version of Laravel?

Laravel 11 will be released on February 6, 2024, and is set to provide a wealth of enhanced features that web developers can leverage for web development.

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