As per a recent survey by Statista, the world’s leading countries, including the United States, the U.K, France, etc., are facing an acute shortage of skilled workforce. The percentage is as high as 46% in the U.S. and 51% in Germany. Dedicated development teams have become an ideal way to tackle the issue for I.T. projects as it comes with significant cost reduction and quality development.

With such a large issue, many enterprises are actively hiring dedicated resources. However, it can be intimidating to decide whether hiring dedicated Laravel developers for your PHP project is the right idea.

Let’s start without further ado.

Who is a Laravel developer?

A PHP developer with expertise in creating websites and web apps using the Laravel framework is a Laravel developer. Unlike other PHP frameworks, Laravel stands out as it powers 1.5 million websites worldwide and has become a reliable choice for modern web apps. Laravel web solutions have dominated the I.T. industry owing to their fantastic speed performance and faster time to market.

However, you need to find the right Laravel developer to make the most of this web framework. The right Laravel developer may or may not be certified but holds good exposure in the web framework and effectively uses it with other technologies like Node, React, Angular, etc. to ensure a high-performing scalable application.

Benefits of Hiring Laravel developers

Having skilled Laravel developers over your project allows you to create a future-ready web application that successfully delivers business-oriented features. Hiring experienced Laravel developers provides you with the following benefits:

  • Creates Future-Ready Scalable Apps

A business needs scalable solutions to keep up with the growing number of consumers or website traffic. Passionate Laravel developers have years of experience in creating scalable solutions. They also stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends; they can blend the website with the optimum scalability and flexibility for the estimated web traffic.

  • Leverages Right Set of Tools 

With the ever-growing technology, it becomes difficult to choose the right set of tools, libraries, etc., necessary for your web or app development projects. Experienced Laravel developers have years of expertise handling various modules, APIs, etc. They effectively identify the right set of tools required for the customised Laravel development project.

  • Can Create Multilingual Websites

Laravel developers can easily integrate multilingual capabilities into your web applications using third-party plugins. So, it becomes easier for businesses to tap into a diverse range of clients or to run their websites for an international audience.

  • Makes the Most of Security-Centric Features 

The database compromises affected individuals stood at 298 million people in the United States in 2021, per a report by Statista. An experienced Laravel developer creates a secured application using various features like password hashing, rehash check, route protection, CSRF token insertion, etc. It enhances the security level against the database and other forms of online cyber threats.

  • Faster Development Cycles

When you hire dedicated Laravel developers, you gain access to reliable expertise. In simple words, the hired developers have a sound understanding of implementing business logic and can complete the project quickly with faster development cycles. On the other hand, a novice takes a lot of time to implement the same business logic in code and thus wastes time and resources.

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What is a Dedicated Team Model?

The dedicated development teams model lets you hire professional developers and designers for a definite period. The team is usually employed for a more extended period to work solely under your project/projects. Under this model, you have complete authority over the assigned developer or developer’s team, who work directly under your guidance to resolve your challenges.

The client has complete control over the hired professionals regarding work schedule, the number of team members, workflow, etc. The web development company provides a smooth line of communication between the client and the developer team to ensure well-functioning mechanisms of interaction and management.

When hiring Laravel developers, a business enterprise has three options for collaboration:

  • Fixed Price Model, 
  • Time & Material Model, and
  • Dedicated Development Teams

Each of these models has its significant share of pros and cons. For example, the Fixed Price model is ideal for projects with a clear vision and comes with a well-defined cost per project. There’s hardly any variation in charge as the entire software vision is neat, and the team hands over the project at completion.

The Time & Material model works for those projects where you want greater flexibility with the working developers. For example, a company already has a running website and needs to hire Laravel developers only for a website upgrade or specific improvements via API integration. 

The dedicated development team model we have already discussed. Let us analyze the pros & cons of the dedicated Laravel developers team.

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Top Pros of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

  • Cost-Effective Option

Outsourcing the project via dedicated development teams is a proven, cost-effective solution, as the standard rate of developers is multiple times lesser than hiring in-house. Deloitte says that approximately 59% of businesses outsource to save costs. So, outsourcing the project to a Laravel developer can save you significant development costs.

  • Enhanced Productivity

As the team is dedicated to a single project, productivity is automatically higher with better collaboration and engagement. Moreover, the Laravel framework has a built-in access control system and an MVC architecture, which enhances project collaboration. Expert Laravel developers use these features for parallel testing in the web development project.

  • Let’s focus on Core Business Strategies

Letting experts handle your projects relieves you of the worries associated with the Laravel development project. As much as 47% of enterprises outsource to ensure greater focus on the core business strategies.

  • Reduced Risks

Having the services of experienced experts automatically reduces the risks of project failure. Our Developers at Nethues perform an in-depth analysis of the project before beginning the development work. So they give clients a realistic idea of the project feasibility.

Moreover, our Laravel specialist and all other team members leverage standard project management tools like Basecamp, Jira, etc., that provide you with concrete updates about the project.

  • Quality Development

Dedicated development team provides you with quality development as the professionals are experienced experts in diverse technologies. Companies provide clients with multiple resumes to choose from, and they also have access to world-class infrastructure. All these together facilitate robust code development for the project.

Having discussed the pros of a dedicated development team, let us now cover the issues associated with this approach.

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Cons of Dedicated Development Team

Time-Zone Difference

Businesses may need to work with a team of developers from a different time zone which sometimes leads to productivity issues.

Budget is Unfixed

The dedicated team model fails to have a fixed budget when the project undergoes high variation. 

5 Easy Steps to Hire a Reliable Dedicated Software Development Team

Step-1: Analyse & Create a Detailed List of Requirements

Before beginning the hiring process, invest quality time in your project needs and demands. Create a list of features you want to integrate into the application. If you are unsure about the list, simply list the final expectation from the software.  

For a streamlined development process, it’s essential to enlist the project’s goals, scope, and timeline. Finding the right Laravel specialists becomes easier when you have concise data on what you need from the final software.

Step-2: Choose Your Team

Based on your project requirements and the complexities involved, the chosen vendor will provide you with a development team. You need to analyse and hire dedicated Laravel developers who understand your business goals and hold the right expertise for the project. For example, when interviewing a Laravel developer, you can look for the following:

  • Expertise in PHP language
  • Laravel certifications
  • Expertise in other relevant PHP frameworks

Ask the Laravel development company for the resume of the team members to learn about the quality of work they have done. Experienced Laravel developers hold good expertise in technology trends and create modern web apps that fulfil business requirements.

Step-3: Ask for Previous Work Samples

The next vital step is to ask the agency for their previous work samples. Going through the case studies or previous work samples gives you greater insights into the developer’s capabilities. Thus, you can have an idea of whether the chosen team will be able to deliver your project on time with desired functionalities.

Step-4: Discuss Communication Channels

Look for streamlined communication channels with the developer’s team. We at Nethues technologies provide clients with calls, chats, and email options to communicate with the hired team. So the clients can connect easily with the dedicated Laravel developer. 

Step-5: Look for Value for Money Offered

It’s critical to analyse the value for money offered by the chosen vendor. After all, you want to reach a reliable software development company. Look for the following qualities of your vendor.

  • Years of experience
  • Whether it offers NDA, Project Warranty, etc.
  • Terms of contract
  • Multiple communication channels
  • Their emphasis on testing
  • Ratings and reviews from previous clients

Wrapping Up

We at Nethues have more than two decades of experience in software development projects and have been catering to Laravel web development solutions since 2011. We follow strict NDA policies to protect our client’s ideas.

All projects, including our Laravel development services, come with guaranteed 60 days of support and maintenance, no questions asked.

Contact us today to experience commendable services.

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