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Bridging the gap between digital and real world, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are taking users by storm. Changing the way we think and see, these are certainly one of the biggest revolutions of the era.

According to Statista, revenue from AR is predicted to hit $100 billion by 2020. On the same hand, the sale of AR glasses is expected to touch the skies.

Let’s have a look:

AR Revenue

The data clearly depicts the increasing inclination towards AR, while making all of us sail in the same boat.

As we talk more about this mind-boggling technology, tech-giants and user-centric behemoths cannot be swept under the carpet. While making the most of AR and VR, brands like Walmart and KFC are trying their hands on these technologies for corporate training and learning. For instance, KFC plans to develop a game for employees that resembles their kitchen and asks them to prepare food the KFC way. This eventually will enhance learning in the most amazing manner while saving time and money.

Increasingly, corporates across the world are trying to make learning a more engaging experience, encouraging the learner to be an active participant in the process and not merely a passive recipient of data. Enterprises are changing the very face of corporate training, having realized the untapped potential of AR to increase productivity.
Let’s learn and explore how AR can help in corporate training and learning.

A Virtual Presence For Skilled Workers
Holding the capability to give the most skilled workers near omnipotence, See-What-I-See (SWIS) glasses are a sure bet.

No organization has a workforce with equally distributed skills and experience. When out-of-the-ordinary problems occur, all-too-often a second team needs to be dispatched, costing the company both time and money. So rather than rolling a second truck with more senior technicians, top talent can work from a central location and see what the field service teams are seeing from their augmented glasses. For example, a construction crane operator could remotely operate cranes at construction sites around the globe.

Thus the most experienced workers will be available to transport their skills across time and space—without ever leaving their desks.

Emergency Drills
Irrespective of the size and type, regular emergency drills stand out to be a necessity for every company. But is getting a safety expert to explain the different scenarios to the employees enough?

The answer is a big NO!

Most people find emergency drills boring as it interrupts their work, and they often don’t even pay attention to it.

However, AR/VR can be used to create emergency drills in order to check if the employees can handle stress and identify the correct security protocols through simulations. This will arouse interest and give the employees an advantage of taking these courses according to their time.

Compliance Training
Indubitably compliance training is one of the most prominent processes for enterprises.

It becomes mandatory for them to make sure that employees are well accustomed to it. But handing out a large document to every employee and hoping that they would read each and every line doesn’t make sense. Moreover, it may not even help your organisation in the long run.

Instead, you can use AR/VR to create virtual workplace environments where employees can get a better idea about the compliances they need to adhere to through online simulations. You can also create game-based lessons where employees are given different situations to see how they would respond to it, whether its accepting gifts from a client or a workplace injury.

It can easily be inferred that irrespective of the sectors, AR can do wonders for your business and can turn into a tech-giant.

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