Google Launches Shopping Search Tab In India: Expands Merchant Center to Hindi

Google Launches Shopping Search Tab
Published by - Neha Sharma | 17th Dec 2018

Google has unveiled a new & fascinating shopping search experience specifically for Indian users.

With eCommerce giants like Flipkart and Amazon battling for dominance, Google enters India’s massive eCommerce market. Allowing consumers to filter through offers, review prices from multiple merchants and find the ideal products they are looking for, this experience is available across several Google products: a made-to-browse experience on a separate shopping homepage, shopping tab on Google Search and in Google Lens.

Google Shopping Update

Talking about this launch, Surojit Chatterjee, Vice President of Google Product Management said: “ We hope this enables all kinds of retailers, especially those who have never had an online presence, to reach millions of new consumers.”

He also added “ More than 40 million Indians are coming online every year, and search is an integral part of their online journey. From seasoned desktop shoppers to first-time users with entry-level smartphones, we hope this new shopping experience will make finding what people are looking for just a little bit easier.”

With this Google is also expanding Merchant Center to support Hindi, in addition to English. Sellers will now be able to upload their product feeds to Merchant Center in Hindi and promote their products on Google Shopping to users who search in the respective language. This will certainly prove to be fruitful since approximately 44 per cent of the country speaks Hindi.

Lastly, an all-new visual approach to find products such as clothes, furniture, and home decor has also been announced. This can be simply done with the help of Google Lens – which users can use to take pictures of products and automatically search for them on Google Shopping.

According to the Sixth Economic Census, there are 58 million SMBs in India of which an average of 35% is engaged in retail trade. However, very few of them have an online presence — clearly highlighting a huge opportunity for retailers to surface their merchandise to millions of online consumers.

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