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The face of web development today has dramatically changed with the increased popularity of JavaScript. A few years ago, it was hard to even imagine things that could be done with JavaScript simply running in the browser as well as on the server.

Built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, Node.js is such a JavaScript run-time environment. Along with being fast and efficient, it is a highly scalable web server for web applications. This is why it has become the most preferred JS framework for web developers across the globe.

As per the sources, Node.js is the largest open source platform that exists today, with over 15 million downloads per month and more than a billion package downloads per week. Moreover, according to one of the recent surveys by The Node.js Foundation, “98% of Fortune 500 companies use Node.js regularly.”

This is mainly because it brings along multiple benefits and provides the users with a fair chance to grow and survive in the long run. Let’s talk about some of the phenomenal benefits of this technology.

The Fast Suite
Node.js acts as a fast suite since it runs on the V8 engine developed by Google that uses JavaScript into native machine code and operates at a super speed. It overcomes all the problems that come in the way of formation of independent threads by using a single sub-process, that is, the event loop that handles all asynchronous I/O operations.

Major actions in web applications including reading or writing to the database, network connections or file system can be performed quickly with this suite. By creating quick, robust network applications that can tackle parallel connections with increased throughput, it leaves no room for slow working.

Enterprises have majorly benefited with this feature, for instance, LinkedIn opted for Node.js for mobile traffic and that reduced the number of servers from 30 to 3. This also made the applications 20 times swifter. Even PayPal recorded a 35% decline in their response time at the same time doubled requests per second after using Node.js applications.

Go With Data Streaming
Generally, HTTP request and response are considered two separate events when it comes to web app development. But, in reality, they are data streams. This feature can be fully utilized with Node.js for creating some of the best attributes like processing files at the time of uploading as this will reduce the overall processing duration when the data comes in the form of streams.transmissions.

However, the same can also be deployed at the time of recording video or audio in real-time.

Easy Scalability
One of the prime advantages of Node.js is that developers find it easy to scale the applications in horizontal as well as the vertical directions. The applications can be easily scaled in a horizontal manner by the addition of additional nodes to the existing system.

Moreover, it also offers the option of adding extra resources to the single nodes during the vertical scaling of the application. So, this makes it highly scalable and a better option than other JavaScript servers.

Real-Time Web Applications
Concerned about low-level sockets and protocols? Let that be a thing of the past as Node.js is here to build real-time web applications at a lighting speed. It is a clear winner when it comes to multi-user real-time web apps for games and chat apps.

The event-driven architecture caters to both the client-side and the server-side that is written in JavaScript and thus the synchronization process is usually fast and in order. The event loop through the web socket protocol that works on TCP handles the multi-user function and prevents the overhead of HTTP for web development.

With these benefits, Node.js is sure to do wonders in the coming years and take your business places. You can always get in touch with Node.js developers or companies for any kind of dev assistance and acquire your goals.

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