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Published by - Neha Sharma | 05th Oct 2020

Here at Nethues Technologies, we know it can be taxing on a newly formed business to handle their day to day operations while also optimizing their e-commerce presence. That’s where we come into the picture! We’re a trusted tech solution provider that offers mobile and web development solutions. For two decades, we’ve helped over 2500 clients create sharp e-commerce sites on Magento, PrestaShop, and WooCommerce, just to name a few! We make sure your webshop is perfect so your customers can have the best possible experience, strengthening brand loyalty and increasing your number of return buyers! 

In recognition of our success and prowess, we’ve been listed as a top e-commerce development firm by Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform. They leverage a unique reviews-based methodology to compare and contrast leaders in a number of service sectors. Clutch’s findings help interested companies pair with the most qualified vendors. 

We couldn’t have earned this distinction without help from our lovely customers. They took time out of their day to engage with Clutch analysts in a 15-minute phone call. There, they graded us according to quality, project management, customer service, and overall ability to drive results. Then, that feedback was transcribed and published to our Clutch profile in a case-study style formula with a star ranking. We’re happy to report we’ve earned an excellent out of 4.8 out of five stars! Take a look at quotes from our Clutch reviews, along with a picture of our most recent review: 

“I have daily contact with the developer, I can send him a message whenever I want, even in the weekends or the evenings. I guess this is exceptional service at this moment. I can ask them almost anything and they are able to fix it or find some solution for the task.” Owner, Custom Glass Retailer

“I was able to launch a new web-based portal for nutritional clients that was much easier to use than our previous one. There is always a project manager per assignment type. This ensures that we always get a very knowledgeable person per type of work that we ask Nethues to perform.”   – CEO, Consultancy

Nethues Clutch

The Manifest, a company listings website, is another place where you can learn about our services. They list us in their directory of the top e-commerce development agencies in India! 

Interested in learning more about how Nethues Technologies can revolutionize your e-commerce presence? Drop us a line today!

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