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Nethues Story
Published by - Neha Sharma | 15th Nov 2017

In a recent interview, the director of our company, Mr. Rajesh Gupta revealed his journey as an entrepreneur. Our director shared his story of how he developed this organization from scratch with sheer hard work and honesty and also talked about the ways, our company operates.

In this candid interview he vividly described starting his professional journey way back in 1995 with the telecommunication sector. After working there for five years, he developed the idea of starting his own business. His dream came true when he started a web development company in the year 2007 called, Nethues Technologies. Hard work bears fruit, and in his own words, “It was a one man company and now it has over 300 professionals.”

Through the course of the interview he shared the happy emotions of getting the first client through an email marketing campaign. The project was a success and there is no looking back since then. When asked about outsourcing, he said India has great potential and what people won’t get in the USA will get in India now.

He stresses very much on maintaining loyalty, honesty and team spirit, which are equally important in the successful operation of a project. He said, any company should stick to the customer no matter what the situation is, and our company Nethues Technologies utterly believe in that. We are available round the clock to help clients and when we say it we mean it.

To know about the complete journey of Nethues Technologies, don’t miss to watch this video.

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