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Ever since Drupal came into being, it has powered application and website ideas of innumerable brands, irrespective of their sizes and types. To add onto the on-going growth, Drupal endowed its users with an exclusive and an updated version, Drupal 8.

With an inventive use of technology, the new version is a plethora of phenomenal features. But does it have the required spark to make brands turn towards it? Simply put, why would a brand migrate from its existing CMS version to a new one?

Often businesses face the challenge or an apprehensive gap between the value of a new technology and the efforts that go into implementing it as a part of their structure. If you struggling with the same dilemma, here are some reasons that will certainly help you with the same.

Exceptional Architecture
Like any other new version, Drupal 8 has a superior architecture and advanced functionalities as compared to its predecessors. Enabling you to preview and edit content, the CMS comes with a built-in WYSIWYG editor CKEditor. It also provides an in-place editor which facilitates editing content, blocks and the menu on the same page itself. So businesses that look forward to managing different content types, fields and taxonomies are greatly to benefit from this switch.

Wide Feature Range
In addition to being structurally sound, Drupal 8 comes with an extensive range of features including:

  • responsive design themes off-the-rack allowing your website and application to run seamlessly across all devices.
  • Built-in HTML 5 enabling the users to embed complex input elements like date, email, audio and video along with the ease to deliver better functionality across devices.
  • Powerful SEO modules to take your website to the top of the search results.
  • Multilingual support wherein the content translate modules can be used to translate content into diverse languages.

Better Brand Interaction With API-First Approach
Drupal 8’s API-first approach addresses the challenge of multiple formats and content delivery in an effective manner. Based on the content-as-a-service model, this version is enabled to turn content into services that can interact with different devices irrespective of the formats.

As Dries Buytaert, Founder of Drupal commented, “There are powerful market trends that oblige us to keep focused on this: integration with diverse systems having their APIs, the proliferation of new devices, the expanding Internet of Things (IoT), and the widening adoption of JavaScript frameworks.”

Undeniably security is a prime concern for any application or website. Drupal 8 is very well acquainted with this concern. It has in offer high level of security with the new default template system- Twig. Serving as a handy web-development tool for building secure websites at an agile pace, it provides a safe and secure web environment to the developers and site owners. In addition to this, trusted host patterns and dynamic URL detection are supported by removing PHP template from Drupal core and building using Symfony framework.

To be precise, the introduction and addition of such features are bound to make Drupal 8 a delight to work, switch and migrate. So help your brand with the best Drupal Development and Migration team and take it places.

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