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The latest WordPress version, 6.4, is now available for everyone and was released for users on November 7, 2023. The new version of the content management system comes with several security & performance enhancements. Users can now implement the latest WordPress versions on their sites for various exciting functional features. 

Here are the 10 Enhancements with WordPress 6.4 Release

 1. New Theme: Twenty Twenty-Four 

The WordPress development team has released an impressive new theme called Twenty Twenty-Four. This universal theme is highly responsive and can be used for building websites for various business industries and focuses on multiple motifs. The new theme has three significant use cases for the WordPress users: 

  • First- Fits perfectly well for entrepreneurs and small businesses 
  • Second- For building artistic and photography-based sites 
  • Third- Specifically designed for writers and bloggers

It is also well-equipped with standard home templates like About Us Page, Case Studies Page, RSVPs, and landing pages. The availability of various handy features allows smooth and quick customization of WordPress development solutions. In short, web development of WordPress sites with Twenty Twenty Four theme caters to a larger audience seamlessly.

2. Deploys Script Loading Strategies for Improved Performance

The major WordPress release offers changes in the script loading leveraging defer & async attributes in “frontend scripts in core as well as the bundled themes” for improving the speed of the sites. There are also significant modifications in the script loading the defer attribute. The current WordPress version 6.4, suggests loading the script to the browser only after the entire webpage gets loaded, which ensures faster execution of the pages. 

3. Goodbye to Unnecessary Attachment Pages

Earlier versions of the CMS were used to create standalone pages for all media uploads. This meant even uploading any background images or other files would create a standalone page for the image itself. 

WordPress 6.4 has resolved this behavior issue. So, there will not be useless attachment pages getting crawled and affecting the site’s credibility by ranking on the search engine. Any WordPress developer can use the new version to ensure the website does not crawl unnecessary pages. 

4. Enhancements in Template Loading 

The Twenty Twenty-Four default theme offers significant changes in the template loading for resolving various pending issues. The new approach provides:

  • New caching
  • Elimination of unnecessary checks for checking the availability of the theme files
  • Eliminates repeated file lookups that were related to themes
  • Integration of modern performance improvements for older sites to ensure they can leverage lazy loading, async decoding, and fetch priority for high-performance

5. Image Loading Optimization in WordPress 6.4

The new version offers noticeable improvements for quickly loading images and iframes by introducing lazy loading and fetch priority. These attributes optimize the loading speed of the web page and boost user experiences. Hire WordPress developers to upgrade your site to the latest version of the CMS.

Quick image loading plays a significant factor in improving the client experiences for the website users. Whether it’s a simple blogging site or a complex eCommerce business, lazy loading can help you optimize UX efficiently. 


6. Introducing Autoload Options Functions

Experience shipping of the new option functions that facilitate the plugin developers with automated loading of different options. This simplifies the WordPress development projects and offers scope for improving the website’s speed. You can eliminate unnecessary loading options and consequently speed up the server performance. 

7. Eliminates Redundant Style Codes

The part of the website code that interacts with the browsers about the site outlook is Styles and it controls colors, spacing, font sizes, etc. The latest WordPress versions allow web developers to control the loading of the styles by eliminating redundant code from the site. The lighter the code, the more quickly the website becomes accessible to web visitors, which helps with improving the user experience. 

8. Enhancements in Object Caching

WordPress 6.4 provides you with viable performance enhancements to Object Caching. The data used for developing the web pages gets stored, eliminating the need for continuous fetching from the database. 

9. Auto Insert Blocks

The WordPress development team has ensured the auto-embedding of blocks into relevant sections. This focuses on powering the site code with user-friendly interactions. For example, when users install plugins and try tweaking the navigation, there will be prompts to help them with the easy integration of login as well as the logout option into the WordPress website. Thus, the current version 6.4 offers significant improvements in the plugin development for the users. 

10. Post Formats in Block Themes

Post formats have become a key feature, and WordPress 6.4 improves them for software developers. For efficient use of the post-formats, the new enhancements offer the following: 

  • Handle posts without titles within the loop, as well as the templates
  • Allows commencing a pattern while creating new posts
  • You can also introduce distinct post-content blocks within the query loop

Wrapping Up

WordPress 6.4 has successfully introduced several new features focussed on improving the performance of the applications. The impacts of the new improvements are not just focussed on the WordPress core files but also offer significant effects on themes as well as plugins. The latest versions are also focused on enhancing the performance of older websites. 

At Nethues Technologies, a WordPress development company, we have skilled experts to migrate your sites to the latest version of the CMS. We draw a well-planned roadmap for upgrading your site with zero data loss and minimizing downtime. So, you can maintain 100% business continuity while upgrading to the latest WordPress versions.

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